Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Haven't done a randomness post, perhaps because I like to pretend that the thoughts that run through my mind daily have more purpose to them. Who am I kidding, though? I'm pregnant, most of my thoughts are completely random.

So here are a few to make you smile.

Random #1:
 Can the smell of onions, when your pregnant, actually give you heartburn by itself? Can looking at a tomato give me heartburn? Right now I haven't eaten anything that should have given me heartburn, and my chest is currently a ragging inferno. Thankfully I have learned a great way to get rid of heartburn naturally. Tums only make mine worse, so I read about eating a teaspoon of yellow mustard. It works, it really does. It burns all the way down, then you drink a swig of water, and your heartburn is gone and stays gone. Off to get some mustard.

Random #2
 Today Kinsey went to dance class and came home with a borrowed leotard from her teacher. Thank the Lord, but now she wants to wear it everywhere. She cried when we had to take it off for lunch, and then she cried when I wouldn't let her put it back on for nap time. Seriously, and before we got the leotard, it was the ballet slippers. She wanted to sleep in them. Thank goodness we don't do halloween costumes because she would want to wear those all the time too.

Random #3
Food, because my mind seems to circulate around food these days. Specifically protein. I can't seem to get enough, and I have to force myself to eat carbs, fruits, veggies and fiber.  What kind of pregnancy is this? I heard someone comment one day that I"m growing a boy for sure because boys love meat. I suppose that could be true, but for the moment I love meat, and eggs, and nuts and greek yogurt. Sigh.

Random #4
 I miss doing horticulture type things. I miss being known for my plant knowledge and being asked random questions about people's yards and flowers. Today I got a text message though asking how best to grow grass without buying sod. I must confess it sent a thrill through me and I had to suppress my urge to tell all my acquired knowledge on grass, or more specifically, turf. Still, it felt good to know something and be able to help again with green growing things.

Random #5
 Winter in the South. It is growing on me more and more. At first I thought it would be hard because of the no snow at winter time, but now every time I hear Peoria, IL is having snow, I thank the Lord I don't have to deal with that. I also have been enjoying the intermittent warm days. Even our cold days aren't that cold, and I feel as though I have barely worn my winter coat this year, compared to other years past. Take today for example, it is currently 63 degrees out and I plan to take the girls out with no jackets, and it is still January.

Random #6
 Pizza, one of the most versatile foods. I have always shied away from making it often because I was never good at making homemade crusts, and to buy store made pizza is outrageous in my opinion. So I saved it for special treats or when I was planning to be lazy and wanted something pre-made.
Today however I am entering into the world of homemade pizza with a store bought crust. I think this could be love. Especially since Aldi Foods sells crusts for $2.49 for two 12 inchers. Guess what we are having for dinner. Now you know where the onions and tomatoes comment came from in Random #1.

Hope you enjoyed a peek into the randomness of my day. Stay tuned for more serious, helpful, and encouraging posts later on. This is not one of those.

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abbie said...

I love hearing your Randomness! I have so many random thoughts through out my days as well. :) I have a pizza crust recipe that is fairly simple if you want I can email it to you!