Monday, January 9, 2012

Masterpiece Theater - Downton Abbey

Okay, I don't usually think to do this, but if you like BBC classical romances and Jane Austin and Elizabeth Gaskell's novels, you will like the new PBS Masterpiece Theater program - Downton Abbey.
The entire first season is already done, but you can watch season 1 episode 1-4 online at, and now the second season has started.
You can either watch it every Sunday night on tv at PBS, or you can watch online on Mondays as they trot out the new season's episodes. This is a very cool series and a great plot line.
Only draw back is there is a homosexual in the mix, but this is set around the time right before World War I and so back then it was not an open thing, there is just one kissing scene that gives you the information and then you are left to know that that is what makes that particular character so sour.
Oh, and I guess there is a rather romantic scene in season 1 also, but I fast forwarded thru it, so I can't even tell you how bad it was.
Still, if you like that sort of film set in the past, then this is a really good series.  Enjoy.
Here is the link to the season 2 episode 1, but below the video itself is links to the season 1 episodes:

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