Sunday, January 29, 2012

An Intoxicating Bouquet

First off let me just say that I do not like fast food. I have watched such documentaries as 'Super Size Me' and 'Corn King' and 'Food Inc.' From that research and plenty of online reading, I have come to the conclusion that fast food is disgusting and that if it has a drive thru it probably isn't worth stopping to eat at.
However, now I will say, I am pregnant and logic somehow finds itself second place to my cravings.
All week this week I have been craving Steak 'n Shake, specifically, a Steakburger, of any shape or size. For the most part I've been able to keep the craving under control, using what logic I have left to combat it. When Sunday afternoon arrived however, I no longer had the energy to cook dinner, and no more good reasons on why I shouldn't have a steakburger.
So, I asked Hubby if I could feed the kids left overs while he watched them so I could go run and get a steakburger. Thankfully he said yes, and I was suddenly scrambling to reheat cheesy spinach pasta for my girls so that I could run out the door on my way to Steak 'n Shake. The drive was the longest part of the wait I think, because I knew my beloved steakburger was now within my grasp or would be.
At the drive-thru I ordered quickly and went to the window. My dinner was on sale which made the whole ordeal sweeter, and I waited in anticipation for the little black and white paper bag to be handed to me. The service was fast and I was quickly on my way.......
to the nearest parking space less than a hundred feet from the drive-thru window.
That's right folks, I could not even wait to get home to eat my treasure. It was killing me with it's intoxicating bouquet and soon I was shoving the thin, worthless fries out of my way to reach the steakburger, dripping with fresh grease and pickle juice.
I'm pretty sure there was nothing lady like about how I devoured the first four bites in the parking lot. I inhaled those first bites so fast though that I decided I should put the sandwich down and rethink the parking lot strategy, otherwise my bliss would be shortened by my haste.
So I decided to wrap the remaining portion carefully so as not to drip grease, and drive home. This time though I prayed for ever red light so that I could stop and devour a bit more of my dinner in ecstasy. I don't think I am exaggerating, and perhaps it was just low blood sugar, but I think I was actually shaking while I ate my sandwich at each red light. It was really that good tasting.
Logic was of course still screaming in my mind that this meal was disgusting and that the ingredients were far from health or even real for that matter. None of that mattered though while I held that burger. Fake, chemically rendered ingredients never tasted so good.
Before I was half way home it was gone, and I was left with that boring bag of fries, which I ate because I paid for them. But the poetic language was still flowing through my mind as I remembered the bliss of the burger.
In fact, some pictures floated through my mind too from a Weird Al video that I feel sums up a portion of my experience. Not the whole thing of course, just the parts where he sings about how he can't wait another minute to bite into the burger and whatnot.
Haven't seen it, don't know what I'm talking about? Here, enjoy it. I promise that it is quite entertaining. Check it out here.
Hopefully my story has entertained you also, because everyone needs a good laugh.

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abbie said...

Ha! I remember having times like that when I was pregnant and okay this is pretty bad...I have even had a time kind of like that when I wasn't pregnant...i was stressed out after grocery shopping with the girls and thought I had to have a frappe from McDonald's or I would cry!