Saturday, May 7, 2011

House Hunting

Ken is off house hunting for our new abode this weekend. I am a mixture of excitement and anxiety to see what he finds for his family. He did really well the last time we were faced with this scenario of moving from one state to another. The Lord has also been so faithful with everything else concerning this move, so I'm pretty confident He'll pull it off and Ken will come home in triumph.
Then again, now we have kiddos and that changes what we can settle for. Kids need space and for that matter, me at home with kids requires a lot of space as well. I am a girl who enjoys having her sanity, and after living in a studio apartment for six months with two babies that equaled less than 600 sq.ft. I know what insanity looks like a little bit.
Another thing that is a bit against us this time is my total love for the house we are in right now. It is the nicest house I have ever lived in my whole life and it is perfect in so many ways. Will another house even be able to compare? Will my heart be able to openly welcome the new house without always comparing them? I know the new house doesn't have feelings, but I do and I don't want to go into a new one with a bad attitude at the start. That would end up making things miserable. I've been praying for the Lord to make my heart ready to say goodbye in so many settings, even in letting our current rental go to others. (haha, that sounds so pathetic, I know.)
So while I haven't been blogging much over the past few weeks, thoughts and more thoughts have been spinning in my mind. Now that the weekend has finally come for us to find our new house and find it in a matter of 2.5 days, I must let out some of the pent up thoughts and emotions or I might have a melt down.
It helps that my momma is in town while my hubby is away. I've been able to distract myself a bit and the girls just adore her. Makes for an easier weekend in general.
However, today is day one of house hunting and I can't ignore it any longer. It is time to pray and not to panic I keep telling myself.
To lighten things up though, Ken sent me this one last night.

He is such a joker. This one is around the corner from where he is staying and not even for rent I don't think, he just thought it would be funny, and it was, only because I knew it was a joke.
Then this morning he sent me this one.

Cute, but he said it was small. When asked how many bedrooms and price, he replied with "$650 2 br 800sqft". I wrote back, "ugh, too small". The end, so far.
Haven't heard anything since, but I'm sure he is hot on the trail of a great deal with lots of space and character. Although I've heard him equate the description 'character' to an 'ugly' reality. He's probably right, he's almost always right. For the right price though, and the right amount of space and a safe neighborhood, I can do ugly, I mean 'character'.
If you know us and know all the details of this move, please pray for us. He only has like one more day to look. Pray for favor with rental companies, etc. since we won't have jobs when we come down.
Thank you.


abbie said...

I praying for you favor and a sweet home for you guys! I am glad you posted about this. I wasn't sure when the house hunting would take place so I am glad I can keep you lifted up in prayer in the next few days. Hang in there! God is so good and I know He will bless you with the perfect house for your needs!

Jody Aldridge said...

Ken may not find the perfect home, but the Lord will. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Phil 4:6

Don't be stressed or worried. Take authority over distressing thoughts or incorrect interpretations of what is visible. You are transformed by the renewing of your mind and that comes by keeping your eyes and your mind stayed on and focused on Christ above all else. Not only are you being transformed into His very image, the fruit of your life will be rooted and grounded in faith and love - even more prepared for the seasons that await you!!!!

Beautiful daughter, let your faith arise - it is an awesome aroma and fragrance to our most precious Jesus!!

I love you and am praying for you and Ken in this incredible season!

Love, Mom <><

Momma2MyGirls said...

Well, mom, I hadn't planned on posting about the fact that Ken didn't find a house on his trip until later when we did find a place. But now that you have posted this loving encouragement I might as well admit it, we are currently without an address in our new city. Keep praying for us, but today I'm feeling much better about the whole thing. As Ken has said to me, the Lord is mysterious and faithful. That is a good combination that I can appreciate.