Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sick = Cuddles (and movies)

Well, my oldest is sick with some flu bug, and at about 3am she woke up screaming for her momma. When Ken and I stumbled out of our room to help her with whatever was wrong we found her standing outside the bathroom door. Ken thought she just needed to pee and left me in charge, but as soon as the door was open she lost all of her dinner. Thank the Lord she made it to the linoleum because it was much easier to clean up than our white carpet would have been.
thankfully she doesn't have
a temperature
After stripping her down and putting her in clean jammies, I put her back to bed, but only to have to wake up and do it again two more times. Finally it was time to get up for the day, and so now she is happily propped up on the couch watching the movie 'Babe'. Although I can tell she still feels poorly, she is also basking in the glow of my attentions. She got to eat her crackers and water on the couch, which never happens, and she gets to watch a long movie, which also never happens unless someone is sick. Lastly, she gets lots of cuddles and loves and that is something she hardly ever takes time to get anymore. These days she is so busy that cuddles cramp her style most days.
So both mommy and Kinsey are enjoying the moment and although I want her well soon, it is sort of nice to have my cuddle bug back. Kalei is also basking in the glow of having all the toys in the bedroom to herself.
As for my last post about goal setting. Today most of those family goals go by the wayside. We will watch an abundance of movies while my girl is sick and my bathrooms will probably not have a pleasant odor until this is all over. I also might need to buy a few more of those Reese's Peanut Butter eggs to get thru the day. :-)
Lord bless this day and make it special despite my girl being sickly. Amen.


abbie said...

Poor girl! My girls were sick this week with upper respiratory was not fun! :( Thankfully they are about over it!!! Naomi turned one today too!

lifeinthevillage said...

:( so sad. hopefully you guys are better now!