Thursday, July 14, 2011


Tonight I am thinking about lots of things. Some of them are probably boring to the rest of man-kind, but a few are kinda fun/interesting, so I thought I would just write down this randomness in a place where others might benefit.

found this photo under 'randomness' and it fits
Topic #1: Yarn dolls are not faring so well in our house, even without eyes or facial features. It seems as though my girls are bent on destroying them. I guess it isn't that big of a deal, but hey, I made those dolls, let's try to keep them around for a couple days. Maybe 3 years old is too young to have dolls made out of yarn? Perhaps dolls made out of something more sturdy, like bricks or rocks or super duper hard plastic.

Topic #2: I am loving a new kids book I bought at the library called 'Little Beauty' about a gorilla and a cat who are friends. It is so cute, but that isn't even my favorite part. The illustrator, who must be amazing, used all these really cool patterned papers in the pictures and it makes me wish I had those same patterns on fabric so I could make a quilt with them, they are that cool!

Topic #3: Is cottonseed oil really that bad for you? I try to eat healthy, but I got these super yummy cashews on sale at Target and have been devouring them like they are candy. Then someone mentioned today that cottonseed oil is not the best oil, and turns out my beloved cashews have that on them. Is it worth not eating them? I'm leaning toward still eating them, but I don't know much about cottonseeds. What could be bad about it?

Topic #4: Started a new homeschooling schedule thingy today where I set a new time allotted for Kinsey to do 'learning' type stuff. It was really good, but I have to wonder if I am really ready to maintain this new schedule. If I'm honest with myself I lose a good portion of nap/quiet time, and that is me time, and I'm very sad to see it shrinking. Today was day one and already I am feeling the cramp in my style. I actually had to stay awake all day, that is a hard thing these days now that I don't rely on caffeine to boost me up.

Topic #5: Reading a book about the prophet Amos and I'm loving it, but after reading about how stubborn those people of God were back then, it makes me want to come down on them with some wrath of my own. Bless that poor prophet's heart, he was so patient, just like the Lord. I'm glad I haven't been called to be a prophet because I would probably mess it up pretty bad and speak all kinds of things to tell the people what I thought of them and their sin, which is not the same as telling them what God thinks of their sin. It must have been hard for Amos to hold his tongue.

Topic #6: My Kalei for some time now has come into the knowledge that when she poops in her diaper, she has access to that poo only a leg hole away. I've lost count of how many times I have come in at nap time to find her with poo all over her arms and face. Thank the Lord she doesn't eat it, but being smeared with it is bad enough. I have no idea how to keep her from doing this. It is hot and so I can't keep putting her in long zip up jammies every time I put her to bed. This is one of those crazy things and I'm totally lost on how to parent in these moments. I've tried to explain it to her, flick her hand and tell her 'no touch the poo' and I've even gotten quiet upset and cried which made her cry. Nothing has kept her from doing it again though. Do I need to buy a video monitor? Kinda expensive. Anyone got a clue what else I can do?

Topic #7: On to Kinsey who loves to paint. I have this huge stack of drawings and paintings because she wants to do 'art time' every day and although I sift through them a lot and toss the ones that are just a few scribbles on a page, they just keep mounting up. What to do with them? Am I a bad mom if I toss a few more when she isn't looking? I am not about having stacks of papers lying around, no matter how cute they are. I'm serious, she has at least 20 new drawings/paintings from just the last few days. She's gonna be an artist type, I can tell, but do you think its too early to try to sell some of these masterpieces? What would you do?

Topic #8: Coconut flour, it is expensive but is it worth the cost? I read all these posts about healthy eating and at the moment it just sort of overwhelms me. The newest one I've read is coconut flour and it sounds great, but who can afford to buy it on a regular basis, I need new eating habits that are sustainable for my budget. I guess then I should stop reading all those posts about healthy eating....

Topic #9: Today was the first day in five days that I haven't cried about missing Kansas City or from feeling utterly overwhelmed by my new life in South Carolina. I think partly it was the new and improved schedule, but it was also partly because I took some quiet time to be with the Lord. He always makes things feel and look better. I'm just glad to know that I won't wake up tomorrow dehydrated again from all the loss of moisture...that's been escaping from my eyes. I really am a big wimp, but I think the Lord has been telling me that that is okay. His love for me brings me to tears sometimes, but not right now, because I'm running low on those, and so now it is time to say goodnight.

Hope you enjoyed this randomness edition. Those are just a few of the thoughts floating around in my head before bed. Aren't you glad I shared them all? If you have answers to any of my random questions sprinkled through out, please feel free to add them to the comment area. I love feed back, but if you think this is the stupidest post I've ever posted, keep that to yourself.

Be blessed.


Jody Aldridge said...

Kinsey's artwork might bless some of your supporters or make some sort of a collage for Christmas gifts for people.

Your random thoughts touch your momma's heart....I'm missing you, but feel so much more disconnected from you than I did when you were in KC. :-(

Love you bunches!!!!
Mom <><

abbie said...

I love hearing your randomness too. It makes me feel like we aren't so far apart. I miss you friend! Sorry I don't have any answers to your questions though...Except, I have been using Hard White Whole Wheat Flour (has the same nutrition as regular whole wheat...just a different variety) It is good for baking and isn't too costly. I have heard of coconut flour, but yeah it is so expensive!

lifeinthevillage said...

I haven't stepped into coconut flour, but i ate it at someone else's house one time and it was really yummy. And wow, poop??? That sucks. And sorry, I have no ideas. wow.

Thanks for the randomness edition. I love it.