Monday, April 25, 2011

Wild Yeast Project

So if you didn't read my previous post of making my own Sour dough starter, then you are probably wondering what this 'wild yeast project' is all about. It's about making my own yeasty starter for making sour dough bread.
I already have some idea of how to grow good bacteria and yeast on my counter tops, we do our own Kombucha, and I've recently take up my own dairy Kefir again. So I have several 'pets', if you will, living on my counters fermenting and growing and bubbling.
Unsweetened Pineapple juice, you don't need much, so I just drained these
Pineapple tidbits and saved the juice - see the label, 100% pineapple juice.

The 'mix' itself and despite the picture, that bowl is glass, which is important to note.
You might get bad results if it were metal or plastic. Glass is best when growing
bacterial yeast communities.....

So my newest one will be a sour dough critter. This is day two (technically), and I am making this starter by capturing wild yeast, rather than incorporating store-bought yeast. I must have a yeast friendly house because so far it is going well.
Last night, about 6pm, I mixed 1/4c. unsweetened Pineapple juice with 1/2 c. whole wheat flour. I stirred it up and covered it with a light dish towel. Today I stirred it and it had a lovely yeasty smell to it, and no sign of rot or nastiness. Good signs, both of them.
Tomorrow I will do the same (which is to just stir it), and then around 6pm I will add 2 Tbsp. of flour and 2 Tbsp. of pineapple juice.
Stay tuned in for further updates. I hope to finish this little string of 'wild yeast project' posts with a picture of my first loaf of sour dough bread.

On a side note- unrelated to bacterial yeast or bread products: I have a raging case of poison ivy on my face. I have it around my right eye, on a couple of my fingers, on my right ear lobe and a bit on my neck. Does anyone know something safe I can use on my face around my eye? Just checking with the blog community to see what you all can come up with. Thanks.

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