Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pillow cases

Always in the past, as my little baby girls have grown into their beds, I have used the tiny baby pillows, about the size of a travel pillow. Perhaps that is what these were in their former homes, but now they are baby pillows. I use them in my girls beds when they are just over a year old as a bedtime cue.
When I put their little heads on the pillow it means its time to sleep - opposed to other times when I put them in their beds for some 'quiet time' as I cook dinner or vacuum the floors.
Well my oldest is three, so for over two years I have used these little pillows without pillow cases. They didn't come with tiny cases, and so far I have not found any cases to fit them at Target (my go to place). Today however I decided they needed something that I could take off and wash easily.
My girls are on their second round of the puking flu bug, and to say the least, these tiny pillows have taken a share of the vomit. Especially from Kalei who is fond of vomiting in the middle of the night quietly and then she sleeps in it. Very odd to me.
Then as you can imagine, the poor thing wakes up with puke dried to her face and hair. There is also puke on her tiny little pillow with no pillow case. So out comes the spray n wash, a rinse in the bathtub and a quick spray of Lysol. Then said pillow spends the rest of the day drying out.
Such a pain.
Today they have covers though; tiny, girly, pinky, flowery covers that I made out of an old pillow case I bought at a thrift store. For free I solved my pillow case crisis and my little Kalei can have clean pillow cases to sleep on as often as I remember to wash them. Yeah!
See how happy baby 'rosie' looks as she reclines
on the new pillow cases.

Now I just need to make a few more so I can have spares. Wonder when I'll get around to that?

Sorry that this is not a tutorial on how I made them, but seriously I cut 5 times, and sewed a total of 7 times, including finishing the open edges. Can you cut in a straight line? Can you sew in a straight line? Then you can probably do this project yourself. I didn't even measure the fabric, I just eyed it and made a guesstimate of how much fabric I would need. Turned out to be just about right.
Be inspired to try to and create something for yourself, maybe you have a small kitchen window needs some curtains or maybe you are sick of looking at all of your child's naked baby dolls but you can't find any clothes. Make some; be bold, be daring, it will make you sew happy!


abbie said...

Very cute! I love that fabric! Hope your girls get to feeling better!

lifeinthevillage said...

my grandmother used to do that for the kids. we have a stack of tiny pillow cases, and every time I see them I want to cry. :( very sweet. . .