Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Memas

Mema 'Taffy' - Kathy
When I had my first baby girl over three years ago, one of my mother's biggest fears was that my children wouldn't know her. Back then I worried too of how I would keep my mom's legacy of love known to my kids from over 300 miles away.
Now, three years later I'm not so worried. Even as we prepare to move even farther from the 'memas' (my mom and Ken's mom), I know that the foundation of their love is already being set in my girls' hearts. In fact, between that dynamic duo of moms, they have built quite a reputation for themselves in the mind of my three year old.
Whenever someone new comes to the house to visit, my eldest is always quick to point out her very cool swing set, and proudly proclaim 'my mema bought that for me....and Kalei can play on it too!' Or her very cool little pretend kitchen, 'my mema bought that for me one time' - she doesn't forget, which is so darn cute!
There are also the times when something breaks, and Kinsey asks if we can buy a new one. I almost always say no, and her response to that is, 'well when my mema comes she will buy me a new one someday'. Spoiled, maybe, confident that their memas love them, for sure.
Even today when Kinsey woke up from her nap, she found her elmo phone right away and had several pretend conversations with her memas, telling them all about our shopping spree at a consignment sale today. She left no details untold, and when she was done she said her 'goodbye, I'll call you later'. Wonder where she heard that line? (hint: its me, I get interrupted a lot, and have to call people back)
Mema Jody
All of that to say, that even from 300 miles away the memas have a special place in my girls' hearts. Kinsey looks forward to their visits and we count down the days starting two weeks in advance sometimes. My oldest's love for the memas has even transfered over to my youngest.
Although Kalei is still too young to remember them well between visits, she is able to pick up on her sister's excitement and easily takes to them, recognizing how special they are! Her trust toward them is quickly growing and it is a comfort to my heart when I see Kalei allowing them (the memas) to pick her up without her crying or looking fearful.
So how are we going to work things when we are even farther away?
Well, probably much the way we do now, only maybe with a bit more skype. The transition to the new house will be one to remember though. It will involve a three day long road trip from Peoria to South Carolina with both Memas, both little girls and me. For sure it will be interesting, and I'm hoping that it is more fun than chaos. I did have to warn the memas though that we will not be buying the girls lots of little knick knacks at every stop, no matter how cute Kinsey looks as she pleads for something.
I'm bringing the 'spanking spoon' just for the memas (because I'm sure the girls will be angels).
Let it strike fear into their over 50 year old hearts, although I doubt it will since I am clearly outnumbered by them.
We love you Mema Taffy (Kathy) and Mema Jody - can't wait for our girl-trip! 


lifeinthevillage said...

Oh how we love our grandmas!! You guys have some pretty special ones. :)

Nana D said...

That is simply beautiful ... an early Mother's Day gift to two special ladies.
Blessings Katrina,
Nana M