Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wild Yeast Project (Day 4)

Today I threw away my yeasty sour dough start. It was not my fault and it actually smelled like sour dough as I poured it into the trash, but......
it was in a glass bowl on my counter top 'brewing' and someone bumped the towel that was covering it and caused the super absorbent tea towel to touch the top of the sour dough starter.
I didn't notice until this afternoon, but then it was too late, the towel had sucked up all the moisture from the top of my sour dough starter, making it dry and crusty. I'm pretty sure it was ruined, so I threw it out, all though the under side of the crusty top was gooey still. Oh well.
The only good news I have to share is that they the little project was moving along successfully until the towel incident. I had bubbles in my doughy mass, and it smelled right - like yeasty bread dough. I will have to mix it all in a glass jar next time though so that the towel can't fall into it by accident.
On the agenda for today, go buy another can of pineapple tidbits in 100% juice and start again. I'll keep you posted on how round #2 finishes.
Hopefully better than round #1.
So sad.

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