Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Intimacy is Important

Intimacy is my topic for this month newsletter to our supporters. Some of you who are already familiar with Mike Bickle’s teachings on the Song of Songs will not find any great revelation in what I have to say next. Yet for those of you who are unfamiliar with Song of Songs being taught as an allegorical love song between Jesus Christ and the Church (His Bride- us, you, me), then I think it is worth mentioning the study I’m currently doing.
Before we moved to South Carolina I was in the midst of a 24 week Bible study on Song of Songs. In that season, it was powerful and set some foundational truths in my heart which have been key in this new season in SC.
When we moved however, I did not finish the study. So now I have picked it up again under the guide of the Holy Spirit and found a couple of friends to go after it with me. The topic of intimacy with Jesus is something we all need deeper understanding on.
At the moment me and my posse of friends are only on session 6 of 24, but so far I can tell you that it is rocking my world. There is just no comparison for the freedom that is released in my heart as I learn to believe the facts about God’s enjoyment toward me.
Many of us would say we know that God loves us. It is printed on pencils and t-shirts that are passed out to kids in Sunday school all over the world.  I would hazard to say though, that most of us don’t believe it as completely as we should. Especially when we are in the thick of life’s battles.
Does that make us all hypocrites? Absolutely not, it makes us immature in the area of intimacy with Jesus. It means we have probably never fully looked into the matter and put ourselves in a place to experience His love. He can reveal it to us at a deeper level than just simply reading words in a book.
That is what this study has been helping me to do. Not only does it present Biblical truths that support the idea of God’s love for us, it also takes considerable measures at tearing down false ideas we may have about God and His attitude toward us (as believers). It defines the difference between rebellion and immature love in believers lives. It discusses what true repentance looks like and how the Lord feels about us in the midst of our weak love and continued fumbling in the areas of obedience.
I could go on and on about the lies it has torn down in my own heart toward the Lord and His affections for me. Things I had even believed unconsciously, but that had produced a spirit of condemnation in me. Condemnation hinders us from wholeheartedly pursing the Lord because it continually makes the pursuit feel like a hopeless cause.
The truth of learning intimacy with Jesus though, has given me a spirit of confidence before Him. Confidence leads to greater action (pursuit), action will eventually lead to victory, and victory leads to, well, more victory I suppose. Not completely there myself, same as the rest of the church, but I am wanting to be more useful in the Lord’s hand. Therefore I must learn the truth of who I am in the Lord’s eyes so that I may combat the enemies lies more efficiently and run the race with confidence and endurance.
I encourage you to do the same. You can find the study online for free at, or just go here. Its all free! There are notes in .pdf and video teachings on each session that elaborate on the session notes.
Even as one who has gone thru a good portion of this study already, it has been powerful and fresh to go through the beginning sessions again. New truths jump out at me, old truths are reaffirmed and strengthened in my heart.
Totally worth the time my opinion.

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