Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Strangely Odd

For those of you who don't know me on Facebook, we are having a boy! I have the sonogram picture to prove it - looks like a little finger between his legs! So now I am all kinds of searching for boy 'things'.
This is new territory for me everyone. I've only really ever gotten to look at pink and purple clothes, bedding, etc. Though I am feeling particularly hip and cool at the moment because I did invest on the first round in some neutral bedding. For Kinsey I did a simple Amy Coe Mod Peanut bedding set, which was sage and chocolate and white with elephants.
I dressed it up for the girls with pink accents. Now I get to dress it down for my boy with blue and lots more chocolate accents. Just for fun though I have been looking at bedding sets online. Just to get ideas on what kinds of accents I may want to add.
It was then that it hit me....how odd it was to be looking at all the bedding sets in blues, greens, sport themes and car themes. How new and strange it was to be seeing camouflage accents and sets with an abundance of orange accents, which isn't completely common with girl sets.
Then I turn over to the clothing. I have to say, I'm extremely partial to the idea of little boys in bow ties and striped neck ties. Not real ones, mind you, but home made ones ironed on to onesies & t-shirts. I saw a little boy with a built in neck tie on his onesie once. It was the cutest thing ever!
Am I all formal though? I'm certainly not with my girls. I just think for those first few months where all they wear is simple clothes, they need things to help identify their gender. Like little newborn girls with gigantic bows on their heads. Because inadvertently some older person will come over to your precious newborn girl/boy and confuse them for the opposite sex. Not that that is the end of the world, but the fewer times I have to correct people, the easier I feel my life is.
Like these from LizzieAndCoco on Etsy.com!

So anyhow. That is what I have been musing about today, how odd it is to be looking at blue. I'm also enjoying the yarn colors of teal, maize (yellow), persimmon (light orange), and lime (green). Not that I would be able to get around to making something before he arrives. I'm still trying to finish my second child's new bedspread for her big girl bed, which she just moved into a week ago. I've been at it for 8 months already people. Sheesh! Fast I am not, and I know it, but it is still fun to dream.

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abbie said...

Little boy clothes are so cute! I love those onesies too...Adorable! I am so excited for you :)