Saturday, February 25, 2012


Thought it was about time for a randomness post! I can't say that I have been doing anything terribly exciting, but lots of good random thoughts have been swirling through my head again.

So here we go:

Random Thought #1
    I am officially in maternity clothing, and I gotta say, maternity pants are amazing! I look like I'm wearing jeans or stylish cords, but it feels like I am wearing my baggiest pair of sweat pants. The long shirts hide my belly and the tell-all elastic waist band, but seriously, if I didn't think I would be discovered, I might just wear maternity pants for the rest of my life.

Random Thought #2
     Coffee is back on the menu, but only once a week. Have you ever detoxed from something completely and then reintroduced it back. All the power that coffee had lost over the years because of over-consumption has returned. I drink one half cup of fully caffeinated coffee once a week and I tell you what, my house looks amazing afterwards. Only draw back.
All that physical activity leads to some pretty strong braxton hicks which usually help to send me to bed early. In my opinion it is worth it though. Today is coffee day for me by the way, so dirty house, you had better just watch yourself.

Random Thought #3
   Elmo's World is Kalei's number one movie choice at the moment (well, for the past 5 months or so). I catch her singing the songs and reliving elmo adventures while she plays with her little people. Overall, I don't mind that she likes the little red guy, but seriously, we only have three of Elmo's dvd's. By now, five months later, my tolerance for Elmo and all the stories I've already heard is about at its limit. Gotta find me some new Elmo stories! Stat!

Random Thought #4
    Downton Abbey's final episode was a bit of a disappointment. Sure, Mary and Matthew got together finally! And there was a pretty good scene in which Matthew punches Sir Richard, but the Ouija board was unnecessary. I skipped all four parts where the servants played that game. Also, it ended with all kinds of loose ends. Like I want to see Sybil's baby, and I want to see Mary and Matthew's wedding, and so forth. Sigh....pretty sure there isn't a season 3.

Random Thought #5
    Misty Edwards has been one of my favorite worship leaders from the House of Prayer, but since first hearing her over 5 years ago, I have incorporated lots of other music into my world as well. For the past few months though I have been on a Misty music binge. Cycling through all the greatness that is contained in her music, the realness of her lyrics and what they reveal of the Lord's hearts toward us. Oh how it makes me fall more in love with Jesus every time I listen. Which I suppose is appropriate as I seek more intimacy with Him by doing a Bible Study on the Song of Solomon and the Bridegroom King! Thank you Misty for giving me such a good resource to couple with the Song of Songs.

Random Thought #6
   In addition to doing the Song of Songs study with a few mom friends, Ken and I have been going through a video series by Danny Silk from Bethel Church - Loving on Purpose (previously known as Loving Your Kids on Purpose). An amazing resource for any parent, it gives a grid for why we as parents melt down, and how to keep control of ourselves so that we can be a living model for our kids. It has lots of other great points and perspectives that are equally amazing, but learning my own self control has been the most impacting for me.

Random Thought #7
   Virgin Mimosas! Having never had much alcohol in my adult life....okay, zero except for a sip of my aunt's wine at Easter once, I was clueless about this fantastic mixture. Still not interested in alcohol, but seriously, ginger ale, orange juice and frozen lemonade concentrate is rocking my world right now. It is like a tangy fruit punch that I enjoy quite a bit with a super sweet breakfast. Glad a sweet friend of mine introduced us!

Random Thought #8
   Ok, this post is getting a little long I admit, but I just made an observation. My random thoughts are a mixture of things I am super excited about in my life, and things that I am perhaps anxious/curious about in my life. Suppose this shouldn't surprise me since those are the sort of things that ricochet around in my head, the really happy exciting things and the anxious ones. So here I suppose is my outlet. Maybe now my brain can move on and think of more important things like....what am I going to make for dinner tonight.

Hope you enjoyed this edition of Randomness.


lifeinthevillage said...

I love the random posts! keep 'em coming! :)

Jogirl said...

Hey lady!! :) Nice to see you on here I just happened to check this out again (after not being on here for years)! That 'Loving on Purpose' looks like it's good stuff. <3