Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Sweet Valentine

My day so far has been pretty normal considering that it is Valentine's Day and all. You may not think this is a big holiday that requires a lot of excitement, but it does. Seriously when you are a mother of toddlers, you look for any excuse to make one day different and unique from all the others.
So today is Valentine's Day.
My sweet hubby has some fun outing planned for tomorrow night because that was the night we found a sitter for, but today had to be made special too.
With a crazy amazing Costco run with my bestie friend Natalie and all our little ones, and a spur of the moment baby sitting opportunity to bless another bestie friend Carolyn, I didn't have much energy left though, come nap time.
So how to make the day special, not just like every other day in our world?
We don't do a lot of sweets in the house, not only for health reasons, but because I am pregnant and for 5 months now the very idea of anything sweet makes me feel sick-ish. I do the grocery shopping, therefore, there are not many sweets in the house at the moment. The tide has been shifting though and sweets are back on the menu.
In fact, I've actually been craving them, although I still try to abstain. Again, not entirely for health reasons, but because sugary things give me indigestion/heartburn. Yet still I crave.
How to make a quick sweet thing though that doesn't take a lot of work or weird ingredients, and it would be extra special if it was chocolate? Is that possible?
Well, onto checking up on the blogs I follow and low and behold; Farm Girl Fare has an Emergency Chocolate Cake Loaf recipe. Is my reality an emergency? A whole loaf? Really? Sounds wonderful!
And so it is. I have my chocolate cake loaf in the fridge right now, topped with the most delicious chocolate non-buttercream frosting recipe I could find. I personally don't really like overly buttery frosting. Don't hate.
Guess what we are having for dessert tonight.
Sort of reminds me of a giant, slightly melting snickers bar on a plate....with sprinkles.

Not the most beautiful creation I've ever made, to be sure, at least in an aesthetically pleasing sort of way. It does have beautiful qualities though. Like that there frosting is at least a half inch thick all around, so it is sort of running off the sides. It also contains at least a cup of greek yogurt in the cake itself, so protein as well as moistness.
I have it in the fridge to harden it up so it will be manageable to slice later. Hope you like the sprinkles Kinsey helped me put on. Red and white for Valentine's Day.
Sigh. Happiness.
I will probably die from a sugar coma or something considering I haven't had much sugar the last five months. But who cares, at least I will die in bliss.
Actually, perhaps that is a bit dramatic, death by chocolate is just a myth right? But I will probably end up with a raging sugar induced headache, which I have rapid release Tylenol on hand for.
Wish me luck, and maybe I will tell you all how wonderful it was tomorrow. After I have recovered.

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abbie said...

Yum! That looks good :) I made Red Velvet Cakes in half pint jars for Valentine's Day and managed to keep it a secret and sneak one into Brett's lunch box on Valentine's Day. It is his favorite cake so he was happy!