Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Year...

Well, lots of people in blog land are writing about their hopes for the new year and after some of my own reflection, I thought I would document some of my own hopes. I can be as ridiculously unoriginal as I want to be because so far I don't think anyone reads my blog except me. Personally, I don't blame 'them' either. All I write about is being a momma of two and trying to juggle that while maintaining an ever deepening relationship with Christ. So some of my posts are all about the girls, and others are all about Jesus.
Not a real reason to blog maybe, more like having a personal journal online for the Grandmas to read from Peoria to keep up on the Brooks'.
Today, however, I am going to pretend that people actually read this and that when they periodically look at my blog, they may comment and ask how these goals of mine are going for the year, as a way to keep me accountable.
Here it goes:
Short term goals (first 1/2 of the year): 
Sew more, get better at it and actually finish projects started.
Stick to my budget hardcore.
Stick to my schedule, even more hardcore than I do the budget.....that's gonna be hard.
Tithe 10% of my time to seeking the Lord...(again, has to do with schedule, very hard).
Scrapbook family memories regularly (before I forget the details).
Read for leasure.
Tell my friends how I feel about them more often (in a good way)
Make a Prayer Wall for our home to teach Kinsey how to pray for our family and friends and the nations.
Long Term Goals (whole year):
Find a burden from the Lord that I can interceed for (there are lots of good ones, I just need to find one to focus on)

Start a good veggie garden this year and actually maintain it all season.
Find a new house and make it my own.
Write the first draft of my book (working on this one already, but takes a long time to write)
Learn to listen better.
Raise more support in Peoria and become even more connected with our friends there!

Reason for all of these goals: To better love Jesus and my Family, they are both so dear to me!

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