Friday, January 8, 2010

Driving in Snow

I have never been one to shy away from driving in snow, which is usually quite the opposite opinion of my sex in general, but I have always viewed it as a challenge worth conquering.
So today, after another 4 inches was dropped on Kansas City, and the wind started to pick up, I decided that I needed some butter and Ken needed maple syrup and while I was out I would get some diapers and go to the bank also.
Ken knows I'm not afraid to drive in the snow, so when I say I'm going out, he just makes sure I give the van a good warm up since it is so freezing cold out. I do, and then it is down the snowy driveway hill, to the street. We live on a windy scenic road and it is all together beautiful when the snow is on the ground, but I have also seen many people in our ditches on snowy days. Today was the exception, not because Kansas City people have become more responsible snow drivers, but because they were mostly likely all staying in.
I however, did not stay in, and enjoyed all the beautiful scenery as I drove to Target. Once out on a main road, it was even easier, but so far, so good, no slipping, no sliding. Get to the Target parking lot, the lane to get the parking lot has not been plowed, so I plow it with my van, making sure not to stop, because without the forward momentum, I knew I would never make it out.
Still, I pushed through, got to Target, their lot was amazingly plowed, all the way down to the pavement, I could even see the lines to park. Got what I needed, headed to the bank, did fine there also, got back out on the main road to go home. Great, great, great.
Back down the windy road to our house, know that the hill is going to be a challenge, so I only slow down a little to turn into the drive, using all my momentum to get up the steep first stretch. Then, the driveway turns into a Y, and I make the mistake of going my usual way of left. There are two cars parked on the side, so I try to give them a wide berth, and...... I slide off the driveway a bit into the grass and I'm stuck.
I don't try to 'vrooom' my way out though, I know I am stuck on the grass and will only get stuck more if I 'vrooom', so I turn it off and happily walk inside with my bags.
My husband is sort of irriatated that I went left. He says, 'why would you go that way, I didn't plow that side.'
So he goes out with the tractor to see what he can do. I stay inside. He comes and says he needs my help, so I follow.

He has backed the beast down, out of where I had it stuck, but he backed it down too far to the left, over a 4x4 timber that is the guide for the driveway, and almost down into the ditch at the side of the drive, while almost raking the side against a tree.
Now I don't feel so bad, but I pray real hard as we try to get it out of that spot. He pulls with the tractor, and I 'vroom' the van when he gives me the signal. At one point he put me on the tractor (which I have never driven) and says, 'its easy, just push this and then push this'. Uhhhh.
After only a few small trys with me on the tractor he decides it is better with him driving the tractor and so we switch back. As I climb back into the van, I pray to the Lord, please let this van come unstuck!
When we 'vroom' in unison this time, it moves forward a bit and the front tire is over the 4x4, but then the strap pulling me snaps.
So Ken quickly gets down and ties the two pieces together and then he pulls me the rest of the way out. Prayer works.
Overall though, I think it is so funny that I drove all the way to Target, the bank, and back and then got stuck on the last leg of the journey, the drive up the hill to our house....ugh.

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