Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cloth Diapers

Well, I recently came into a large quantity of cloth diapers via a friend, and so I am now going to enter the world of cloth diapers for the sake of saving a buck. I will of course incur more labor in cleaning said diapers, but at least they are re-usable and better for the environment.
Now, anyone who knows that I have a newborn, probably figures I will use them for her, but I am actually contemplating using them on my two year old. She shows no interest in potty training and to buy her diapers is quite costly since the larger the diaper size, the fewer you get in a case. We are in size 5's and we go through about a case ever two weeks or so, that is two cases a month. Ugh, even with the off brand it is still outrageous. Especially when I only budget for $50 in household expenses a month. Household is anything that doesn't fall under food or entertainment, so dish soap, laundry soap, t.p., etc, and diapers.
You can see where this is going.
I am also hoping by putting my two year old in cloth that she will become more aware of her pee and poop and the discomfort of it all, to encourage potty training. She loves to sing the potty song, but sitting on the potty is still a novelty rather than a necessity. She poops in her diaper and doesn't think another thing about it, and when asked if she has poops she says 'no' a lot of the time.
Weird, because I assume she can smell it just like me....ha!
So, I guess this post is all about my decision to use cloth diapers on my two year old rather than my two month old, and hopefully the two year old will potty train before we run out of size one diapers for the newborn (I still have 2.5 cases left from baby showers). I'm hopeful, but not to the point of holding my breath.
Wish us luck.


sheri said...

I think you will find it will definitely help with potty training. It may not be immediate but the awareness will come much quicker. It is worth making the transition for your newborn as well since there are not many issues with diaper rash, and it gets the chemicals from the disposables away from them. The laundry issue is really not bad, I assume you are like everyone else and washing every other day or so anyway. :)
good luck!

The Family said...

i think that's an amazing plan and will totally help the big one!! can't wait to hear how it goes!