Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Another Blizzard

Well, the blizzard is not yet here, but it is on its way; suppose to be here by noonish! I can't hardly stand the thought of more snow, since we have not yet thawed out from the last snow storm on Christmas. Still, I know Missouri is not the only state being affected, so I'm sure anyone who reads this is somehow affected by all these snow storms or different ones and can relate.
Having children, however, makes it even more unbearable. There are so few things to do with small children stuck inside, and Kinsey is so stir crazy it is making me crazy.We have watched so many movies I feel like a bad parent, but it is the only thing that helps me cope with being stuck inside and it keeps her out from under my feet while I bake and cook comfort foods.
As a nursing mother, I can eat whatever i want at the moment, but I'm suppose to drink a lot of water every day and I have been failing the last few because its been so cold outside. All I want to drink is coffee or warm tea, and so I have been, but it catches up to me and then I feel horrid.
Today my goals include drinking all my water, drinking only one cup of tea, and then quilting and keeping the girls happy (sort of). I also have cooking on the agenda, banana bread and molassas cookies, yum.
So that is my plan for coping with another snow storm on the way, cooking sweet things and watching movies, and quilting to use up some of my creative energy.
Sorry this is such a boring post to read, but this is just my personal blog. Soon I hope to start a second blog about gardening. I want to do reviews of plants that I have grown in my garden and give home gardeners a list of armature garden tested plants to choose from in the garden center and how to find them cheaply and how to choose a plant and so forth.
So if that sort of thing interests you, then look for my new blog link, coming soon.

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The Family said...

molasses cookies?? yum. . . .