Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Day 21- Crafting Bliss

So I didn't think I would have much to say, but alas, today is day two of my break from working on a story. I am thrilled to announce that today I have done more watercolor painting and crochet.

Quilting might be what I have for dessert tonight, just can't decide between that or more crochet.

See, the crochet afghan I'm working on is one I plan to sell. Its nice, with an intricate design, and so I plan to try to sell it on Etsy, along with some of my watercolor paintings as I get better at them.

I can see myself being one of those craft junkies, who sells their own stuff to further supply their crafting habits. 

I will sell my afghan so I have more money for beading supplies, yarn, and watercolor paper.

I will sell the watercolors to buy more yarn, beads, and quilt batting. 

I will sell my quilt, if I don't decide I love it, so that I can buy more quilt fabrics to finish additional quilts, while splurging on more thread, beads, and felt to embroider.

Oh yeah, you're seeing the cycle, as am I. What a glorious cycle, indeed. 

In the midst of this, I can see any extra money going toward random, super fun date nights with my husband! Creativity fueling creativity and matrimonial bliss! What could be better!

That's all I got to say. Just brainstorming some wonderful ideas here and felt inclined to share them.

When my Etsy story is up and running, you can count on me sharing links here on my blog. Wanna support a missionary family? 

Buy my Etsy products......once I finish them. :-)

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