Monday, January 20, 2014

Uh....Day 20

Yes, my fast has continued in my absence from writing. I have been doing very well with it in fact, which tells me the Lord has been highly involved, because I am not naturally good at fasting.

So where have I been?

Writing a book, oddly enough.

Day two of the fast, the Lord gave me a dream and I started writing it down and it turned into a story which has turned into a 170 page book.

In two weeks I have written it and rewritten it 3 times. I'm insane. I was not a good mom during that time. I think Ken would agree that I was not a good wife during those two weeks. Not mean, just neglectful.

The story burned inside of me and even when I wasn't working on it, I would be talking to the Lord about it in my head. Every sermon, every worship song, every conversation brought new waves of ideas and things to include in my story. As the Lord would pour out the story through me though, I would often just stop and take a worship break. Songs just welling up inside of me.

It is crazy to try and describe. Trust me though, it is so good and fun, and I'm learning how to be a good mom and wife in the midst of all my creative urges. Most days.

Today however, I am taking a break from my book, to relax and refocus on other things. Oddly enough all I've done on my first day off from the book is make jewelry, paint with watercolors, do some homeschool and manage to make a dinner that was only 20 minutes late.

Alas, creativity has been flowing out of me, but not here on my blog. Sorry about saying something so stupid as ..... I'm gonna blog every day of my 40 day fast. Uh, yeah right Katrina, your follow thru stinks!

Yes, yes it does. Oh well. Love me or hate me for it.  Now you know where I've been.

Maybe I will be back in 20 more days.....

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Deb Kemper said...

So you're writing a BOOK? Wow! That's a major feat. Let me know if you need a publisher. We set up the indie press side of Charlie Dawg Press to accommodate writers who need to publish with no money out of pocket. It works this way; you keep all media rights and paperback rights. The paperbacks that you sell on your own is $$$ in your pocket. We recover our cost by any paperbacks that sell on Amazon, or anywhere else online that you have them. (I do exclusive Amazon for the benefits on Kindle.)
When you get to next place, look around for a writer's group to belong to. Be cautious as a lot of groups, especially Christian groups, are vicious. Visit, listen, learn before you venture out to read your manuscript to them. You'll learn a lot about
what the rules are and how to write by others mistakes as well as your own. IT takes a tough chin to learn through error but you don't wear your heart on your sleeve. You cannot reveal any weaknesses to a group. They'll be on you like hounds on fresh meat. Keep your personal stuff separate from your outward author facade. Listen way more than talk and you'll get the gist of how it's done. Even though the Lord is giving you the story, doesn't mean anyone will be thrilled to hear it. The longer they've been writing, the more they think they know but that's not always true. Pray for our Father to bless you with a mentor. She can walk you through the steps and help with grammar, etc. You'll do brilliantly. Selfishly,I wish you were coming back here. I've run a group for almost 3 years. It's good. I'm going to bookmark your blog and try to visit every week. As I have 3 books going right now, in various stages, and the other thing, I'm a tad stretched. But visiting here was almost half as good as having you here. I love you.