Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas Decorating in Under 30 minutes!

Well, the babies were all asleep and my husband was without any pressing preoccupation, so I got him to help me bring up the boxes of Christmas 'stuff' and our tiny little tree. Then, he made himself scarce by going outside to read, and I flashed into Holiday Decorating Mode or HDM, and cleared a spot, set the tree up and decorated it, then proceeded to set up all my little Christmas figurines and such all over the house and take down all the non-Christmas stuff and pack it away.

When I was finished I looked at the clock, saw that less than 30 min. had passed and so I treated myself to a second cup of coffee for the day. Babies were all still asleep, and I was finished. What an amazing and wonderful thing.
Isn't it pretty! Look next to it, all my Christmas presents wrapped and ready to go. I've been done with Christmas shopping since the middle of October. For some reason, I had myself convinced that my life would somehow be over after having my second child, so I hurried and did anything that I didn't feel I would get accomplished once my new bundle of joy came.
Well, that little joy is here now in the form of Kalei Nicole, and my life goes on. In fact, with the Grandma's here to help watch babies, and me not carrying an extra 20 lbs on the front of me, I might have had an easier time Christmas shopping had I waited. Oh well, it is nice to have it done.
Now, for the rest of the day my plans include drinking hot chocolate, watching the movie 'Elf' and snuggling with my girls. Well, actually, the weather here is over 60 degrees, which is much warmer than it has been, so maybe I will opt for chocolate milk instead!

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The Rupps said...

I decided to be a fan of your life, too. :) This is Kayla, from But a Breath. I read your profile and I realized that we have a huge amount of things in common. Pride and Prejudice, cooking fancy food, hiking, sledding, David Crowder Band, Redeeming Love...and many more things about you that I WISH were true of me (gardening and quilting, for example). Maybe some day we can meet! :)