Friday, June 24, 2011

New Office Space

Remember how sad I was to give up my little sewing desk as we prepared to move from Kansas City. It was where I kept all my creative treasures and spent a lot of time pondering new creative endeavors. Ken assured me that we could buy a new desk for cheap when we arrived in Fort Mill, and of course he was right.
Although you can't get much cheaper than free!
See Ken had an old desk he used for a work bench in KC, and when we moved here he had no place to put it, so I snatched it up and found a spot for it. Wait 'til you see where I've put it. I think it is terribly clever, but not original by any means. I got the idea for my new office from a recent article I read online at Country Living about small office spaces.

Besides the original photo that inspired me, here is a simpler version and another.
Our new home is blessed with a big master bedroom with his and her closets which are big enough to walk into. Immediately I thought back to that closet office article and we measured Ken's work desk and made the move.
I wish I had before and after photos, but I don't, all I have is my mostly finished space.
The main view, including my new shoe rack holder thingy.
Better insider view.
The other end of the desk, and a few of my clothes.
....and more storage up above.

In the photos you will notice I didn't take any photos of the drawers or the lower storage, that is because the desk drawers are missing. Ken's tools are still being stored in them in another closet. Yet you may note that I have three different plastic storage drawer systems that suit me just fine for now. This is an office, craft station, home school supply storage, prayer closet.
My clothes still needed to be housed in the closet too, and I had to use the upper shelves for my other personal items. In the photo that shows the upper storage you may notice my new 20 gauge shotgun and compound bow. Those deer had better watch out this fall when they come into season, I'm fixing to get me at least one to put in my freezer.
Now back to office spaces.
In addition to all the storage space, I want to focus in on my love for the hanging shoe rack on the door. It has a double function and lots of potential.... Right now it is storing my extra shoes and extra skeins of yarn. I'm sure I will find more things to store in the extra pockets though, since I don't plan to invest in any more shoes at the moment.
I love this space, and to top the space off, it has an outlet inside so that I can plug in my sewing machine and a lamp. How wonderful!
When my sewing machine isn't in use, I plan to store it on top of a gray set of plastic drawers I have under my skirts and pants, which will free the desk top up for other projects.
Thank you Lord for providing such a special place to work. Help me to be even more creative and not use my chair as a catch-all.
For the future of this space I'm seeing colors and bright patterns like my inspiration from Country Living. At the present though, it is functional and well fitted for all kinds of uses.
Hope this inspires you to discover and reinvent space in your own home!

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abbie said...

I love it! I love how the Lord provides those "little" things that He knows we desire! I love the fact that you prayed that your chair wouldn't be a catch all...haha! I totally relate to that!