Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm Still Alive

With not much internet time and not much interest in the computer at the moment, I thought I should at least pop in to let all you know that we have survived the move to South Carolina, quite well in fact. After weeks of transition and feeling as though I was in limbo between houses, we (me and the girls)arrived last Thursday and already my new home is mostly put together. The carpets are atrocious, which is another story, but for all of our personal belongs, most of them have found a home, and those which haven't have made their way to the local goodwill store. Moving is a great time to de-clutter I've found.
Escorting me and the girls to our new home was my mother and mother in law, who kept me company on the road trip down. Thank the Lord for those mothers, they made this trip so much smoother and despite having a few minor hang ups along the way, I made the transition with very little screaming and as few tears as possible. In fact I haven't cried as much as I expected, hahaha. I know I am a terribly emotional woman, but the Lord had prepared me so far in advance for this move, that by the time I arrived in SC, I was just thankful to finally be here.
The lake behind the Morning Star Fellowship with lots of geese.
We like to feed the geese around sunset, they will eat right out of your hand
and then proceed to hiss at you.
The hardest day so far was Sunday when I went to the Morning Star Fellowship for the first time. It all started when I was packing Kalei's diaper bag for Children's Church and found our IHOP CEC photo badges for the girls and knew that I would no longer need them. So I cried. Then I went to church, met some nice people, and sniffled a bit as we talked. Then I teared up a bit as I walked to my seat and then sobbed through most of worship.
Then when it was time to take the kids back to Children's Church, I dropped them off and hid in the bathroom and cried a whole lot more. When I came out of my bathroom stall though, the Lord set it up that I would meet two other woman who loved on me and encouraged me and told me of their own hard transitions to the Morning Star Fellowship. It was divine for sure. It at least helped me to stop crying for a bit.
Back in my seat I listed to the Father's Day message and only sniffled and teared up a couple more times and then finally it was time to go eat lunch. Whew, by then I was emotionally exhausted.
It wasn't that the service was bad or anything, but I was missing IHOP so much and thinking of all my favorite things that I had left behind in KC. It is hard to be without all my mom friends and to watch my children asking for their little friends too.
Since then though, it has been getting better and I've met several other moms and already been invited to a mom's gathering this coming Thursday (just a small group that meets in a home). Although I'm hesitant to put myself out there and try to make new friends, the Lord is so good to me, and has already provided a couple moms to ease me back into fellowship. He is just that good!
The girls enjoying some Carolina 'tree ripened' peaches. Yum!
My reason to write all of this is to let all my beloved friends, who read this blog, know that I am doing well. I'm still missing IHOP and all the people that I love there terribly, but at least I am not drowning daily in a puddle of tears or anything dramatic like that. Having babies and being almost constantly needed somewhere has helped keep me from dwelling on my own worries and selfishness, which makes my days a lot easier. Children are such a blessing in more ways than one and my girls are like two little beams of sunshine in my life right now. Nothing dampens their smiles except maybe a lack of oatmeal in the morning and a lack of water in the water table. Ha.
The front of our new home!

So I would write more, but I feel as though this post doesn't really have a definite point, so I should probably stop before it sounds like rambling. I will hopefully post again soon about our mountain top adventure, and then more on the house, but for now, know that I am thinking of all of you my friends, and missing you more than I could tell you.
Hugs from SC!


abbie said...

Ahhh...I miss you! I have been thinking of you a lot! I was glad to hear from you! Prayers and hugs...

lifeinthevillage said...

ditto. Missing you too, but love the update. Well spoken my friend. :)