Sunday, October 12, 2008

What is on my mind....

Well, we were just in a prophesy room at the House of Prayer in KC, and it was great as usual, and Kinsey was with us, and I liked what they had to speak to me, but I loved hearing what they had to speak over Kinsey.

As a parent it is our right to think that our child is spectacularly special, that somehow our babies are above average in most things, and absolutely gifted in other areas. So it is always extra reassuring to hear someone else say so, and to speak over your baby some of the very things that you have thought yourself.

Just a bit of what they had to say was that the Lord had put joy in Kinsey and that she would be a hope and joy for others, and that she is full of compassion. Also, that she is ready now for us to pour into wisdom, love, and the scripture Truth.

I admit that I haven't been super diligent at reading to her, and especially from the Bible, but after hearing that word, I think I will try a lot harder now. Also, from what I see at home when we are all alone, I can see that she is going to have a strong personality, just like her mommy and daddy. So I should start trying to shape that even now to get a head start on the teenage years.

It seems like that time is a long way off, teenage years, yet she was just born yesterday in my mind, when actually it has been almost a year, so it confirms what I keep hearing, that I will blink and she will be graduating high school. I'm not ready, I confess it already. I love her little silly baby faces and her rolls of chub, and her little toothless grins.

God give me more grace to lead and raise this child in Your ways and that when the time comes for her to follow You on her own, to fulfill her destiny, that You would give me the grace to let go.

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