Monday, October 6, 2008

God Had a Plan

So, anyone who read last night's blog about my overwhelming craving for cookies and sugar will be pleased to know that God used that craving to make sure I had the energy to stay up all night with a sick baby.

That's right, even as I was finishing up that blog entry, Kinsey woke up two or three times screaming and was hard to put back to sleep. I thought it a bit strange, but I thought maybe she could see the lights from out here and just wasn't tired because she had gotten that late nap.

But, so, then, when I finished the blog and went to bed, she cried more, and I went in and tried to comfort her, and she would lay back down, but then in a few minutes she would be crying again and rolling over to get back up. I held her and that seemed to calm her, but she was still really agitated, and if I even hinted at putting her back in her crib, it put her in immediate panic and crying.

Long story short, I held her for most of the evening and layed in bed with her on my chest, and we did pretty ok that way. I thought maybe she had gotten water in her ear from bath time, but then, when she was laying on my chest I noticed that she would be really still, and then suddenly I would feel her back end tense up, and she would wimper and start to get upset, and then I would feel her push.

Poor baby, she had gas, or so I thought to myself, so I got her some infant gas drops, and she didn't like them as well as she had when she was an infant, but pretty soon she was asleep, and I put her in bed and she slept in there on her own. So I finally got to lay down at 2am, and she woke again at 3:40am and then 7am, at which I gave her more gas drops.
All that said, I had a lot of energy to deal with a wakeful baby most the night with the sugar high I had from those cookies. I was able to be fairly patient and loving, and not a sleep deprived grouch. I wish I could say the same for poor Ken, who was not on a sugar high and yet was awakened and even drawn into the dilemma. He is currently out on the tractor doing something this morning. I don't know how that man does it.

Oh, and plus I wanted to tell you all the dear reward I got this morning from little one. Well, she was awake and ready to go at 7am, so Ken got up with her and I slept 'til almost eight, but when I got up, she was all smiles and 'mamamamas' to me. Then, later when I went over to see what she was crying about, she crawled to the chair ottoman, and was standing against it, and I held out my hands for her to come to me, and she took a few steps toward me (still holding on to the ottoman, mind you), but then she reached out and took my hands and while balancing on my hands, she took the 5 or 6 steps it took to make it the rest of the way to me! I was so excited!

She took assisted steps forward, which for the most part she hasn't done, ever, her cruising on the couch is mostly stepping side to side. I'm loving it! For anyone who has had small babies, you understand my excitement at this seemingly small milestone, but she is only 10 months. Not even 10 months yet, actually, so the thought of her walking is barely on my radar yet.

That little kiss of a blessing this morning makes all my midnight wakings worth it last night. Did I mention that I have the sweetest baby in the whole world? Oh, I did already.... imagine that.

I'm out.

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The Harrigan Family said...

Very fun my dear! I may have to come have a cookie or two-
lydia :)