Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Very Own Adventure!

Ok, so life in our house is pretty interesting these days. Now that Kinsey is crawling, everyday is a new adventure for her, which means an adventure for me to. She is finally learning where she can and can't go in the house, but not all of these boundaries she agrees with. She still propels herself as fast as she can toward the open bathroom door whenever anyone goes in or out, and cries her little 'crocodile' tears when the door closes before she gets there.

She also works furiously at getting the dog's kennel door open when the dog is inside of it eating her breakfast, or she squeals in delight when she sees Mommy lowering the dog's water bowl to the floor for the dog to take a drink, and cries in dismay when she is held back from said water bowl.

Oh the life of a 10 month old. I am loving this stage so much. I can't wait to share all this fun with the Grandmas in a weeks time. They miss her so much, but wait until they encounter this new little blooming personality who is even now, sitting on the floor next to me shredding a scrap of paper I unknowingly dropped.

I suggest they borrow someones new puppy, and let it crawl around their house for a day or two to find all the unsafe areas, and all the breakable objects within reach. Because its sure that Kinsey will find them. She is also so fond of electronics and things with buttons in general. Books, beware, she loves to eat your thin, crackly pages - especially the Bible, those pages are just made for tiny little hands to rip apart.

I also warn that she is very found of all animals, so Belle and Maggie (Grandma Jody's doggies) need to prepare themselves for an unrelenting stalker. No matter where they are, no matter how high they climb, she will try to get to them and try to take their toys, and play in their water bowl, and eat their food.

You are going to love it Grandmas, she is smart as a whip, and is always cracking me up with her little faces and responses to different situations. Just now I took away the shredded piece of paper that she was attempting to eat and made a silly face at her, and she started clapping her hands and grinning as big as she could. Now she is standing against my leg talking to me in her grunts and goos.

You grandmas just wait.

And get ready for the kisses, she is really getting good at giving kisses. She also loves to grab noses, and slap faces, all out of love and excitement. Almost every morning when Ken comes home from work, she crawls as fast as she can to him and he picks her up and hugs her and she proceeds to squeal and clap and slap his face with her tiny flailing arms. He loves it, but sometimes she does clock him pretty good.

Ok, so I guess this entry doesn't have much of a point except to entice the grandmas with our coming visit and all the fun Kinsey things to look forward to.

Love you - Katrina

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