Sunday, October 5, 2008

Midnight Cookie Making

So, ok, it isn't exactly midnight, but it feels like it to me, who is usually in bed by 9pm, and as I look at the clock next to me, it is actually only 6 minutes past nine o'clock, so I must be really tired. Yet I am still up and at 'em so that I can finish my double batch of peanut butter/white chocolate chip cookies that I just had to make since there wasn't nothing sweet in my house to satisfy my sudden craving for sugar!

The craving started around 5pm when I had to go in and wake Kinsey up, because when we came home from our small group meeting she was practically passed out from exhaustion, so I thought to myself, 'self, she can take a little nap', and so she did. It was only suppose to be 20 minutes, I left Ken in charge and went up to the garden to get what was worth getting before our friend Brian tilled everything under for the fall, and figured he would remember and wake her up.

Well, at 5pm I come down to find my husband on the computer totally oblivious to what time it is, and a Kinsey baby still fast asleep. So I go and get her and she is a total crab for the first 10 minutes, and I almost regret getting her up, but then I think logically, and logically I'm going to enjoy those extra two hours of sleep tomorrow morning if I wake her up now, and keep her up until 7pm.

But now she is awake, and hungry, so I feed her Avacados, one of her favorites, and she eats about half of the bowl when she decides she is going to start pushing them back out of her mouth.

Note, the picture at the top is not Avacados, and this is a picture from when Ken was feeding her, typically this is not typical, but i think it is so funny. She looks like she has sweet potato eyebrows.

Anyways, back to the story -to keep her highly entertained so that she was too distracted to think about pushing them out of her mouth, I start making up a song about Kinsey and her Avacados, and so then she was all eyes on Mommy. In fact, she starts to clap along with my little tune. She is eating again so well that I whip out the prunes. She eats all her prunes, but it's only half a container. So when they are gone, she gets all upset. And then I proceed to take off her bib and accidentally pull some of her little hairs, and she starts to really get mad and upset.

So we get out of our chair and go outside. I let her crawl around on the porch and get all dirty and eat leaves and play with the dog, and chase around a ball. She is happy, that is all that matters and I am able to stand and talk to our friend, Brian, who tilled our garden.

Pretty soon, though, Brian needs to help do something else and I decide it is time to go inside. We come in, and the craving for sugar that has been growing all this time is now screaming in my head...... 'Sugar, sugar, sugar, if you think you are going to finish the laundry today, you need some sugar....', I look around for something easy to eat, but nothing is what I want. I start working on cleaning up the house instead and Kinsey is cruising on the couch, back and forth, a new skill she is so proud of.

She does it over and over. She walks from one end of the couch, hanging on with both hands, and then back to the other end. Sometimes she walks all the way to the dog kennel, and bangs the door open and closed a couple dozen times. I don't care, she is happy, and I can finish cleaning.

Then I go check on the laundry and she hears me walk down the stairs and open the door to the garage and loses it. Screaming and crying. I can hear her thumping toward the gate at the top of the stairs, screaming all the way. Once she reaches the gate she starts her sobbing 'mamamamamas'. I get my laundry and come back up, and then I have to move her out from in front of the gate to get in, that only ticks her off more, to be moved, but not picked up.

So I pick her up and play with her and take her over to her toy box and she is quiet and playing and happy again. So I fold laundry, and then I hear it again.... 'sugar, you need sugar, it's only 6:15, still 45 minutes to go, you need sugar to last that long', but I resist and continue with my cleaning and laundry. Kinsey is still playing and is happy and content.

Then she falls and bumps her head on something and that is the end of independent happiness for the night. After that, she has to have Mommy or she isn't going to survive. So I decide its time for a bath, it is the fun-est thing I can think of that will wear her out more, make her happy, and take up more time before bed.

So I take her in, get her in, and she is splashing and splashing and splashing, and she is happy, and I make her hair stand up on her head with soap, and she kicks and splashes and chews on her rubber duckie's head.

Out of the bath, she gets in her jammies and I start to comb her hair to get the rest of the dried Avacado out of her bangs. She screams a bit, but then when I'm done, she colapses on my chest in exhaustion. Finally the end is in sight, and so I make her a bottle and lay her on the floor next to my chair as I check my email. She finishes quickly, which she announces by throwing the bottle away from herself.

So I pick her up and carry her to bed, she is so tired she lays on my chest the whole way, she has her bink, and she is in her near sleep euphoric state. I lay her in bed and she is gone in minutes. But as I walk out of the bedroom I hear, 'you made it, you deserve a reward, how about some sugar' and I fold. I think, I did survive all that, I do deserve some sugar.

Thus began my cookie making mode which I find myself in now, and as soon as the dough was made, I ate at least two cookies worth in raw dough, then as the process progressed further, I had three more, hot off the baking pans. I am a sad, sad, sugar craving creature, but what a reward for my day of hard work!

The end..... for now.

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