Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Puppies and Bunnies

When we first had Kinsey we had a dog named Lucy. She was the sweetest little Jack Russell/Rat Terrier I had ever seen and just the right size for living in our small apartment. Kinsey really liked Lucy too, even as a little baby, and I loved Lucy (haha, no pun intended)!
I still miss having a dog, but by the time I had Kalei I learned to appreciate not having a dog. Dogs need to be let out all the time, they have to be fed, bathed, taken to the vet, and Lucy was particularly hard on our rental carpets and furniture. She was also fond of barking at squirrels and strange noises and waking Kinsey up. My life without a dog has been a lot easier in some ways.
Now though, the girls are a bit older, and I'm beginning to think they may need a furry little pet.
Right now we are visiting my parents house and they have two dogs. My Kalei is in love! She comes over and encourages 'Miss Belle' to kiss her by sticking her face toward the dog. Belle is almost always obliging. "Puppy" is one of her favorite words right now, and she only has a few at 18 months. I'm not as in love as I thought I'd be though. The first time the dogs barked at a noise in the night and barked and woke up my girls I was ready to strangle them. So I think a dog is not the answer for our family.
Kinsey on the other hand is in love with bunnies. We are very fond of the Beatrix Potter books. So every bunny we have seen as we walk my parents street is 'pizza rabbit' (roughly translated as Peter Rabbit, the Potter movies are British and so the way they said peter sounds like pizza to Kinsey, I haven't been able to persuade her otherwise).
She has already asked her Dad for a bunny, and he said maybe once we move to our new house.I'm hoping he was saying that in honesty and not just to put her off the topic. I would love a bunny too. They eat grass & hay & clover. If you hold them a lot they are very gentle, and their poop doesn't stink as bad as dogs or cats. No barking or noise in general. Super fluffy and laid back, happy with a salt lick to keep them occupied.
So I'm sorry to say miss Kalei, but bunnies are just way less maintenance than puppies and I think you will learn to love a bunny.
What kind of bunny do I want for my girls you ask?
A Flemish Giant, about like a small dog, they weigh on average 20 lbs (that is more than my Kalei), and are usually like big floppy lazy cats. What could be better with two toddlers! And don't say fish, fish are boring...
Grey is the color I use to mostly raise, look how big and beautiful!

So bunnies. I raised Flemish Giants when I was a teen and they were my favorite breed.
Looking into getting your children a pet, think about a Flemish Giant.
Into organic gardening? Keep their poo and let it over winter in a pile and spread it on your veggie garden as compost, great stuff as long as it is not fresh.
Ah, the joys of pet bunnies. I'm so excited to think about it.
Fuzzy picture, but you get the size idea. Fun!

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