Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's Just a Bunch of Stuff

Today I cried. What a surprise, not!
We leave Kansas City in two days, and although we are not going straight to SC (me and the girls will stay in Peoria with my momma for three weeks), it will be the last time I'm in Kansas City for a long time.
That is not why I was crying though.
I was crying because we may not be able to fit all our 'stuff' in the truck and so I have to go thru things and get rid of my 'stuff'.
Boxes of stuff we are keeping

I was a stressed out momma, crying and yelling at my kids as I tried to decide what to keep and what to toss, and looking at the pile of stuff to toss and feeling like it was such a waste.
It is a waste! A waste of money, a waste of space in a landfill, a waste of my time to even possess at this point.
So I called my momma, and cried some more, and sniffled and whined. She showed so much compassion and her voice nearly dripped with sympathy.
Then after all her soothing words she said, "focus on what is important and of real value right now and the rest is just 'stuff' (this is not an exact quote, but its the jist of what she was saying).
That calmed me right down. My girls, my husband, my few things that are necessary for life, those are the things of value and the rest is just 'stuff'.
I recently read a prophecy about a coming disaster to America and the person giving the prophecy said that the Christians were crying out to the Lord, but not for mercy but with grumbling because all their 'stuff' had been destroyed and they were angry.
They had food, water and their lives, but their stuff was gone and they were mad because their comforts were lost.
I don't want to be like that, I want be willing to live with less and appreciate all that I do have.
So today I am going to say goodbye to a bunch of my 'stuff' and wish it well where ever it ends up. Probably the junk man will thinking he has hit the mother load today and scoop it all up before dark, or something like that, but oh well, it's not my problem any more.
Thank you Lord for reminding me today what really matters during the stress of this move, help me not to cry over my lost 'stuff' and to love and cherish the real treasures You've placed in my life. Amen.

PS. If you live close to me in KC, come on over and dig thru my 'stuff' if you want. Call first.

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lifeinthevillage said...

oh the pain! i'm so sorry-- but agree whole-heartedly with your mama! only stuff. . .

p.s. how I NEED to clean out!