Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Little Birdie!

Recently my oldest has begun to be very creative in trying to get out of trouble. She is very imaginative as I was when I was younger, and she uses her growing powers of persuasion to her benefit as often as possible.
Her newest one is:
"Mommy, you can't give birds a time out."
To which I reply, "no, probably not."
"Mommy, I'm a bird."

Next it was me trying to tell her to clean up her room before bed.
"Mommy, you can't talk to birds, they only say 'chirp, chirp'"
Me: "Um, I guess not."
"Mommy, I'm a bird, you can't talk to me."

Nice try my little sweet! My new response is that she is MY little bird and therefore she has to obey me. Place emphasis on MY, because I use that word to emphasis where I have dominion in my home. It's MY kitchen. Don't pee on MY toilet seat. You're MY little bird. Ah, I love it.
So thankfully the bird role playing has subsided somewhat.

So why am I telling you all of this silliness. Well today I found the idea to make bird masks on another blog I follow - Pink and Green Mama! They looked so fun!

The mom who writes the blog is oh so crafty, and although some of her crafts are a bit too advanced for my girls at this point in their lives, this one I felt was worth my effort to create. If you want to see her version of the masks, go here.

To say the least, we had a blast making them and wearing them!
Am I reinforcing the bird theme? Maybe. Did we look goofy wearing them? For sure.
Did it pass the morning with little to no whining? Yes, ma'am!
Ah, the memories that are made with glue and feathers.....happy crafting.


lifeinthevillage said...

those are precious!! i LOVE it. and reinforcing the bird theme is way fun, just not the disobedience theme. they are two different ideas. ;)

abbie said...

So cute! Great craft idea too!