Sunday, March 13, 2011

A New Adventure

Well, it looks like we are moving....perhaps as soon as June!
I am so excited I can barely contain it. Certainly there are sad points to moving, always, but this time around the Lord has been preparing me for it beforehand.
Since around the time of the OneThing conference at the end of December 2010, I knew something big was going to happen in our lives in 2011. At first I wondered if my excitement was due to the looming New Year. I reasoned that everyone feels like they are on the edge of something big when a new year is about to roll in. As I began to examine the stirrings more closely though, I began to suspect it was about a move. So I say all of that to confirm that I  have had a lot of time to deal with my heart and my mind about the whole idea of leaving Kansas City.
Now my suspicions have been confirmed, and it looks like the location is Fort Mill, South Carolina, near MorningStar Ministries.
One of the entrances to MorningStar.
For those of you who don't know, Ken just returned from there after having a week long retreat to hear from the Lord on what direction our life would take in 2011. Yet it was no random thing that led us to send him to MorningStar for that quiet time away.
We felt early on that our new steps would lead us toward MorningStar for various reasons and prophetic inklings, but it was nice to finally have some confirmation and a more clear reason why it was toward MorningStar.
Looks like the Lord is directing us to serve under the leadership at Morning Star, submitting ourselves to their vision and doing our best to support the ministries that they are carrying out.  It is my understanding that they have a school, hold regular prayer meetings similar to ours here in KC, and they have prophetic and healing ministries as well. So I imagine our lives will look a bit like what they do here, with Ken serving in those ministries for a season. Then we will wait and see what the Lord will open up to us as time goes on. That is about all we know, but we are ready to spread what we do know and begin to walk into it.
None of the details are in place at the moment, like how we will get there, how we will pay for things, where we will live, etc. We are going regardless. The Lord has been faithful to confirm the move to us over and over and the Lord has comforted me with the scripture of our Lord owning the cattle on a thousand hills.
I've recently visited an organic beef farm and saw cows for as far as my eye could see, and it wasn't anything near a thousand hills, maybe like four or five hills. So wow! If my Jesus wants to send me to Morning Star to serve their ministries, then I am ready.
Now onto the more sad details. From Kansas City, we will be approximately 16.5 hours away, and from my home town, 13 hours away. I am an only child, and so my mom took this news really, really hard, especially because she doesn't want to miss out on seeing her grand babies grow up. It has sobered my excitement in someways, but I am still ready to say 'yes' to the Lord, even when parts of this journey will be painful.
So if you would join us in praying for the rest of the practical details to fall into place that would be amazing, and if you want to give me a call to hear more about the events leading up to this big decision feel free to.
I know this will be a big change, and although I'm excited, I have enough of an imagination to know that not all of the parts of this transition will be pretty. There will be lonely times as we search to build new, meaningful friendships. Ken will probably be more busy than he ever has been, taking him from home more than he is now, and that will be hard. I mostly likely will not work, and that might be hard for me too, me who enjoys the stimulation when I am out of my house for several hours a week without my babies.
There are SuperTargets and a Costco though, near where we will live, so as far as my domestic needs go, I'm set. Then there is the ocean which is only 3.5 hours away! Not bad. I haven't been to the ocean but once in my life, and it was in North Carolina, so this is very fun news.
Well, I guess that is all I have to say right now. As the weeks move along though you will probably hear more reports of planning and excitement, as well as some tearful stories. Stay tuned.

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abbie said...

We need to make sure and visit you guys before you move...I miss you! Thats a long ways away but I know we will see each other again!