Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sense of Humor with Sickness

Saturday morning I left for a weekend away to my friend's home in southern Missouri. It was my first baby-less trip since having my first child three years ago. I was both excited and....excited. My husband was staying with the girls and I was going to be five hours away from my normal life. I knew I was in for some major fun!
The 5 hour drive was leisurely and I stopped three times to use the restroom. It was such a beautiful drive.
When I arrived though, my friend wants to show me another cool ranch she knows of. Without another thought, I jump in her truck and away we go......
Up and down, up and down, more hills than I have ever seen in my life, and twists and turns, and suddenly my stomach is churning. At first I thought I would be able to control the nausea with some deep breaths and fresh air, but as the drive drags on I start to feel a familiar panic, sickness is on its way.
Then we thankfully arrive at the ranch and I am spared...for the time being.
We walk around the new ranch, me breathing in as much fresh air as possible, but the nausea doesn't really subside. Before long though, we've seen all there is to see, and its time to head back.
My sweet friend promises to take a way with a few less hills, and I lay down in the back seat of her truck, praying that the horizontal position will help me. It doesn't really.
About halfway back I lean up and ask how much longer, as I explain for her to keep driving as I puke into a handy little plastic bucket in her back seat.
Suddenly the irony of the moment hits us both. The beginning of our friendship was formed around her driving and me in the back seat puking. No I wasn't a partier with her as my designated driver, it was more comical than that.
Two years ago she hired me to help her with doing flowers on the International House of Prayer properties, and I found out shortly after taking the position that I was pregnant. So we would go places together, even short little trips to properties or stores, and she would drive and my "morning" sickness would be helped along by the moving vehicle. So many of our first moments working together involved me puking, you may not think its that funny, but we both think its hysterical.
So when after two years we are suddenly in a similar situation we both can't help but to laugh. Even in my sickness I could enjoy the humor and irony in it.
All of that said, it was a wonderful trip. I loved the rest of it! We ate apples and peanut butter, I met lots of her fun friends, we watched a BBC romance together, and walked around looking at the baby cows and horses. It was beautiful!
Rachel, if you read this, you made my weekend so wonderful! Hope I get to visit again soon!!!


lifeinthevillage said...

oh i'm so jealous!!! not about the sickness, but the visit!!!

abbie said...

Sounds like you had a good visit! Besides the sickness part!