Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tedious Work

I have a confession, I love tedious craft projects almost as much as I like the feeling of accomplishment they give me in the end. The mundane, repetitive tasks, hours and hours of the same rhythmic motion, all adding up to one beautiful piece of art I created with my own two hands. I don't think I've met anyone else with that confessed, but I'm sure there are more like me.
So much comfort is found in the simplest tasks, like piecing a quilt, finishing the edge of a quilt by hand, cross-stitch projects, and now crocheting. Those are just a few of my favorite things. (I wish that I would grow to love the tediousness and repetitive nature of laundry and dishes the same way, but it hasn't happened yet.)
Since it is winter time, and I have no gardening to do, my crafty-ness has stepped up a notch, leaving me with several projects all in different states of finished-ness. So at night, when my girls are in bed, I make a cup of hot tea and set to work.
Recently my tastes have been running toward the organic echinacea tea mixed with white peach tea, to ward off any sickies that have been passed to me from the girls or Ken. I have happily remained healthy all winter season...so far.
And my crafty projects have been slowly moving forward. Recently my attentions have been divided between starting my new scrap quilt and finishing my new crochet project that is going to be something like a shawl. Stashed away I also have a baby quilt that needs the edge hand finished, and a pile of pictures that need to be scrapbooked. You would think I would at least finish my baby quilt before starting a new one, but not me. I love piecing new quilts. It is so exciting to see it begin to come together.
Back to my nightly indulgence though. So, when I pick my nightly project, I then curl up on the couch with my tea and project and....... watch a recent Mike Bickle teaching from mikebickle.org or just the most recent sermon from the IHOP archives. It is a beautiful thing.
It is one of my favorite kinds of multi-tasking.
While making something beautiful, I am exposing myself to Biblical teaching that is going to make my heart more beautiful, and I have warm tea that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, and the Holy Spirit, which makes me doubly feel all warm and fuzzy.
After an evening like that, the only thing that makes it better is when Ken comes home, and we cuddle and talk about our day. Sigh.
As much as I anticipate spring, this winter has been a wonderful time for relaxing and finishing projects. Amen for that.


lifeinthevillage said...

wow! i am totally impressed with the multitasking. i might have to start a new tradition. . . .

abbieandbrett said...

Very inspiring! Love it:) And I agree with Lydia, great multitasking idea!!!