Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Phones and Fudge

Wow, I had a great day today even though I still have a kick boxer residing in my midsection. First, I went to this really cheesy health fair thing that I was invited to attend by the local Crisis Pregnancy Center.
I drug a new pregnant friend along with me so that I didn't have to attend alone, and boy am I glad I did. It turns out it was not even geared toward pregnant women's health, but just health in general and we stayed about an hour so I could get my free bag of baby goodies.
Was it worth it, you ask? I guess so, I was in good company, I got a bunch of gender neutral stuff for my new baby, and I got to learn more about Asthma than I ever knew before.
Then it was home to a Kinsey ready for bed, and a hubby also ready for his nap time, so I put the little one down and escaped to..... Verizon, where I had them transfer my phone number to the total cool phone my mom gave me, like, eight months ago. I tell you, this is the slickest phone I have ever owned, and they transferred all my photos and contacts for free, so the whole adventure didn't cost me a thing, except that they talked me into a 2G photo memory chip so I can transfer photos from phone to computer in one easy step.
Considering that I have over 200 photos already cataloging the first two years of Kinsey's life on my phone, it will be nice to be able to easily and quickly transfer those to the computer and print some of them. Those candid shots that only a cell phone can catch are some of my favorites.
Next, it was home to relax a bit and then clean up my kitchen before taking on the fun-ness of making peanut butter fudge. That's right, I made fudge, and for the first time in my life I think I actually did it right.
Last year around this time I tried for the 4th time in my life to make it and it was another flop, so for Christmas my hubby got me a candy thermometer! So today I watched that thermometer like a hawk, and I think I may have success with this batch. It is still in the fridge cooling some more, but at least when I touch it, it doesn't smoosh around like the consistency of room temperature butter.
Finally, as an end of the day bonus, my liquid iron supplement arrived and so tonight I can take it and begin the process of boosting my iron and energy before the baby arrives.
Whew, if only every day was like this. So many good things. Tomorrow will be good too though. Have lots planned....

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