Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bigger & Bigger

So about a month ago I was thinking to myself, 'self, I am not nearly as big as I was with Kinsey, so maybe I won't get as big this time, maybe I will stay smaller and my hips won't hurt as bad and I will sleep better...'

Ha! Not so fast, pregnant woman, my belly is growing fast now. Growing baby is kicking it into overdrive and the stretch marks I had hoped to avoid this time have appeared. Thank goodness they don't itch yet, that is just miserable.
Still, I am anticipating the arrival of this baby so badly, and I am quickly running out of projects to distract me from dwelling on it. I call people when I have nothing to say, I get on facebook when I have nothing to post, I lay on the couch when I'm not particularly tired, and I walk into the kitchen and open the fridge when I'm not hungry. I guess it is just boredom too, but still, I feel desperate for something to occupy my time to make it seemingly pass faster.
One thing that is occupying my time is my almost two year old, Kinsey, who at least 10 times a day asks to go outside, but it is so cold and she has a runny nose already, I am loath to do so. She just doesn't have a concept yet of cold weather, and even when her little lips are quivering in the cold fall breeze, she doesn't want to come inside.
How do you explain to her that cold equals that quivering lip and a chance to be sick?

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