Saturday, April 28, 2012


Haven't had one of these in a while, but I have a few random thoughts that might be worth writing about.

With no more prelude...

Number 1: Sabbath on my Saturdays.  Let's face it, getting myself ready, two toddlers ready and making sure I have my bag packed full of tricks and diapers for church is something like work. So I  have decided Sunday is not my sabbath. The fact that I also volunteer in the kids ministry on certain Sundays also disqualifies it as a day of rest for me.
So I started taking rest on Saturday. The only things that make it onto a Saturday schedule are things that are restful or just simple family fun. I protect this day in my week. People who plan events for Saturdays, I have to know and love you really well to attend, or it has to sound so outrageously fun that I'm willing to come anyways.
Today is Saturday, guess what I did all day. Quilting, crochet, eating, water color painting with Kinsey and later a trip to a friends birthday dinner (baby free - too fun to pass up). It is nearly 5pm and I am still not dressed and feel no shame in admitting that. The sabbath was made for pajamas!

Number 2:  Quirkiness cracks me up. That is why I wanted to share one of my favorite blogs I follow with you. This woman could be writing about toothpaste and it would make me laugh, or at least smile. Her writing style is so fun and everything she does is full of color and personality.
Here is a link to one of her blogs from last year that cracked me. She was having a bad day and made some pictures using her favorite movie star to cheer herself up. Did I mention she is a crafter like me, and so I can totally related to all her self-encouragement statements in the photos. Too fun!

Number 3:  Quilt is coming along.  Attempted to lay out the whole thing last week only to realize I didn't have enough blocks in certain colors. My living room is also not large enough to accomodate the number of blocks that I am working with. So I have now cut, sewn, and ironed an additionally large quantity of blocks and have a friend commissioned to help me next week to lay it out. I think I will see if I can use a room at our church to lay it out. We'll see. Lord let my hips hold up.

Number 4:  Speaking of unfinished projects.  I have six currently living in my living room and several others hiding away in my craft closet. Am I an addict? Maybe. Don't judge me.

Number 5:  Crib is still not up.  It has been occurring to me that I need to get a move on having this baby boy's things in order here. Eight more weeks, but still, the crib seems like an essential thing. Perhaps it is a new wave of nesting, but I have an urgency to get it set up and ready for a baby boy to sleep in it.

Number 6:  Favorites right now.  Of course I'm talking about food, because what else do pregnant women have favorites of in their third trimesters. This week it has included hummus with warm pita, sprouts, cinnamon scones, roasted salted almonds, and raw apples & carrots. But not together.  Random though, eh?

Number 7:  Pinterest, a new obsession.  I feel I have a regulated love for the site, but yet I find that I am almost loving it more than Facebook. Is that possible? I feel inspired after visiting Pinterest, it keeps track of all the projects I want to do, and takes me back to find websites that I discovered while googling (like a pinboard, duh).  Facebook has some of that, but Pinterest has more pretty pictures.

Number 8: Deep friendships.  Yes, that has actually been on my mind. Those kinds of friendships that can be on pause because of distance, but when you are together or talking on the phone, your hearts are immediately reconnected at a depth that defies the distance. I had one of those phone calls yesterday and it so touched my heart the way the Lord keeps our hearts (my friend and I) together. Even when we haven't had the time to do a lot of the normal steps of maintaining closeness. It is a special supernatural thing to me.
It also makes me look at my friendships that I have formed in South Carolina over this past year and see that the depth that I had in Kansas City has been reproduced in half the time here. That is supernatural and beautiful to me too. The Lord is good at setting the lonely in families, and my new and old and extended families are all so precious to me, I almost never feel lonely.


lifeinthevillage said...

I love that last one about friendships. :) I totally agree and have been amazed at many points in my life. Thanks for the reminder!

abbie said...

I just love those kind of phone calls! I love hearing what is on your heart in your randomness posts too. I needed a reminder about the importance of a Sabbath day every week too!