Sunday, April 22, 2012

More Projects!

Can I just say that I am still just a little bit project crazy at the moment. It doesn't help that while we were home in Peoria a very dear friend of mine practically gave me a brand new Husqvarna Viking Emerald 203 sewing machine. The crafting wheels in my head are turning at super speed now. As of yet though, I have not been able to unload my old sewing machine on anyone, so I don't have a place to store both of them.
So what is a girl to do. To pass the time until I'm able to find a place to store my old one and take te time to unload and set up my new machine, I have been doing a lot of no-sew projects. Only a few of them are actually complete, the rest are in varying levels of production.


Adjustable Tutu's
Made out of ribbon & sparkly tulle.....and thats about it! You cut the tulle to double the length you want the skirt and then tie them onto a pre-measured piece of ribbon. These will be perfect for my poor Kalei who has no hips and for which I find it nearly impossible to get tutu, shorts, and skirts that actually stay up.
Not my child, no sparkles.
Plus it will be able to grow with her, and they cost me only about $10 each to make and are full of fairy sparkly goodness! Get the tutorial here.

Crochet Rag Rugs
Made out of old sheets that I picked up at a Church Bazaar for a steal. I have spent the last few days taking out any aggression I might have on those poor old sheets- tearing them into one inch strips. Seriously one of the easiest and most brainless tasks, and the results will be gorgeous in the end. Three out of the four colors torn, balled, and waiting to be crocheted = happiness. Tutorial here.
Love that it is round!
New Pincushion
Okay, this one is a sewing project, but it took me all of 5 minutes, and now I have a huge new pin cushion for all my quilting pins. It is also filled with awesomeness that my dear quilting friend introduced me to - crushed black walnut shells that help weigh down the cushion, and the shells also help keep my pins sharper. Check 'em out here!

More Scrap Quilt Squares
Okay more sewing....but only to use up the last of my bobbin threads on my old machine. I had planned to get these all sewn before I went out of town, but that obviously didn't happen, so I have a small amount to finish before I can start piecing the whole huge quilt together.
Not sure when I might be able to find time to piece this huge mother of a quilt though before baby boy arrives. Spending lots of time on my knees brings on an outrageous amount of Braxton Hicks at this point. Only 9 more weeks, what are the chances these starter contractions are going to give me a break to finish my quilt...not likely I would say. Oh well.

Now on to the list of things I want to accomplish.

Baby shower gifts: 
For all my friends having babies- I would tell you what they are, but then I would have to kill you.
Recover old crib bumper:
To go with the new boy color scheme that I've picked out - browns, oranges, and greens with an owl theme. I'm using chocolate brown corduroy and orangey colored flannel.
Decorative Owl Lovey:
To go with the crib owl theme. Thinking more chocolate corduroy and burlap and sagely green accents. Found the pattern here and love it!
Afghan Christmas Gift:
Can't tell you much about this one, you never know when the recipient might suddenly decide to check out my blog. That would stink to give it away.
Owl Lovey

So am I out of my mind for having so many projects planned for completion before my baby boy arrives in 9+ weeks? Probably so, but this is my form of nesting. Cleaning bathrooms and organizing sock drawers is not me, so I craft and dream and feel all inspired until my little ones arrive.
And who knows, maybe I will still get to work on some of these little gems after he arrives, because newborns, you know, they sleep a lot.

Hahaha - who am I kidding! I crack myself up.

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abbie said...

Love the round rug! How cute is that!!! And I love the owl theme you have planned for your new little boy!