Sunday, July 17, 2011

What Not to Do

When embarking on a sugar detox, one should not completely detox and then go and eat real ice cream, especially any ice cream containing both sugar and chocolate. Not only will it make you feel slightly ill to have that much sugar again, it could also give you a severe headache and make you toss and turn all night in misery.

I've been fully detoxed from white sugar for over seven days, and then last night, I went to Bruster's Real Ice Cream stand and indulged in a Mint Chocolate Chip scoop on a waffle cone. It was divine tasting for the first 20 minutes, and then, but the time we got home, I felt ill. The headache was starting, my neck muscles were tensing up. I went to bed, felt like puking, but never did. Tossed and turned all night because my body was exhausted and my muscles all ached, but my mind was rushing on a sugar high, so I couldn't really sleep.

What a horrid experience! I share it only in hopes that it will spare you from doing something equally dumb. Once you've detoxed, your body will not be accustom to the amount of sugar you use to consume in a day, so don't try to consume that much in a day ever again.

Now onto something else that I thought might be interesting to the rest of you sugar detoxers. For some time now I've always felt that brown sugar was better than white sugar. Less refined, and molasses is suppose to be good for you right, lots of vitamins. Well, maybe you all know what I didn't, that that is actually false. Brown sugar is just as refined and then the molasses is added back in. I googled it and found several websites that told me the truth, but there was one that explained it the best, in plain language. So look here and be horrified. It is just as bad as white sugar and so after your detox, keep that in mind when baking and stirring in sweeteners. Raw sugar is best, and although organic is always going to be the best choice, I have a budget to maintain and so just plain 'raw' is fine with me. You pay a lot more for that little 'USDA Certified Organic' stamp, and for some things it is worth it, but overall, I don't think sugar is.

Guess that is all I have to say today about the detox. Keep at it girls! You can do it and be free of that wretched addictive white substance (sugar)! Be blessed today.

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