Monday, July 11, 2011

Birthday Parties

Kinsey has become obsessed with birthdays and birthday parties. When she meets new people, she proudly announces her name, age and that she will have a birthday in 'ecember' where she will have her party at 'chick-a-lay'. That's right, new friends and old, she wants to have her 4th birthday party at Chick-fil-a, because her very best friend in Kansas City had her party there (Gloria Sundby), and it has left a lasting impressing even though it was over two months ago.

December is a long ways away though, and for a three year old that is almost unbearable. So today, after spending a short while sitting out on the back patio watching Kinsey make her daddy a birthday cake in a sand bucket, complete with rocks, grass, and dirt I decided it was time to have some sort of party.  As Kinsey said to me this morning, 'everyone has a party'! So I think while the girls are napping I shall bake something special for a birthday cake for Kalei's baby doll, 'Rosie'.
It may seem as though this is some random excuse to make something filled with sugar before I go on that sugar detox in about a week, and you could be right, but I also just want an excuse to do something totally ridiculous and have a party for something.
If I had thought things through far enough in advance we could have invited a few of our new friends over to celebrate with us, but I am a last minute sort of girl. My new friends also might think that I am terribly ridiculous to have a birthday party for a doll, but hey, who cares. Maybe I am.
So, look forward to some silly pictures from the psuedo-birthday party tomorrow. It is going to be 93 degrees here today and 103 degrees tomorrow, what better than to eat cake and drink 'tea' out of tiny plastic tea cups (complete with saucers shaped like flowers). We may drag the festivities out into the next couple days as some sort of homeschooling lesson. I could entitle it something like, 'how to plan a party' or 'hostess in training week'. I'm sure I could make it educational, like, this is how we fold the napkins. We will make some yarn dolls to give away as hostess gifts. Wow, is my planning getting out of hand or what.
Yes, but it's July and we've miss our KC friends birthdays who were born in July (Zuriah and Ana). I need a party!
The party girl 'Baby Rosie' who will officially turn one tomorrow.

You might suggest swimming to me instead of baking in my house while baking, in which case I would assure you I would melt in the parking lot just trying to reach the over crowded pool. Baking heat is bearable with air conditioning and a party just still sounds better!
Stay tuned!
Did I mention that while I was writing this blog
that Kinsey's barbies were swimming in my kitchen sink.
We are just having all kinds of fun here trying to beat the heat.

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abbie said...

that is such a fun idea! I wish we could come and celebrate with you guys! We miss you! Gracie talks about your girlies often!