Monday, November 1, 2010

Waiting can be a Gift

Well, that is at least what the Lord has been telling my heart this morning. I am waiting for something that I really want, and I don't know when the Lord will release it, but it is a hard thing to do with a happy heart today. Most days I can ask Him and then easily go about my business, trusting that He knows the timing that He will break in! Today is harder for some reason though, and I have a nagging desire to be filled with self-pity.
Then they started singing 'His banner over me is love' in the prayer room!
Wow, I know it's the truth, even if my heart doesn't necessarily feel it at the moment, and then I started singing along and calling forth the truth that I am not feeling as if I were feeling it, and then the chorus changed to 'I have peace like a river!'
Again, not quite what I was feeling, but the more I sang the words, the more my heart began to be flooded with trust and faith that these things are the true things, and that my feelings are the false expression. Before long the Holy Spirit was speaking to me about many other friends who were waiting for things from the Lord. Many have been waiting a lot longer than me, and some of their needs are much more weighty a thing than my small request. With those thoughts, I was filled with compassion for my dear friends who are in waiting.
You know who you are!
So I began to pray for faith and strength and a happy heart to enjoy the season of waiting for myself and my friends/family. The Lord has spoken to me that there can be a blessing in the waiting. When we are weak and weary with the wait, and especially when it is something we cannot bring about in our own power, then He is right there, desiring to touch us and renew us. For me personally He has spoken that He wants to teach me things in this season that if He were to give me my 'want', I would not learn in the same measure.
Cool! So you see, these truths are a powerful antidote for self pity, doubly so when I to began praying for others, and so that is one of my encouragements for the day for my friends. My beloved readers of my blog.
As I am waiting and learning to trust the Lord in the waiting, I am also learning to be filled with compassion for those in my life who are also in a season of waiting. Out of that compassion springs intercession, which is a great way to pass my time, and it fills my heart with the love of the Father for others. Killing my selfishness in a degree and renewing my patience.
Lord, You are so amazing and I love the daily truths You are revealing to my heart, the ones that renew me and give me the faith to stand strong on Your truths. Continue to wipe away my selfishness and help me to trust Your words above my own feelings, and help me to carry on with a heart focused on You! Be my immovable rock that I can rest upon during this season of waiting!
By the way, they are now singing in the prayer room, 'What goes up must come down, I know You move at the sound of our voice'* My goodness, if that doesn't encourage my heart!
*side note: His response to our prayers is always timely and doesn't always look the way we would have thought, but He always answers.

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lifeinthevillage said...

well spoken my dear. and exactly what i needed to hear tonight. thanks. :)