Thursday, November 11, 2010

Waiting for Christmas

So in one of my latest posts, I wrote about how much I wanted to start decorating for Christmas, and in a recent facebook post I talked about how I couldn't wait to get Thanksgiving over with already, so I could start getting ready for the Christmas season.
Well, just yesterday, as I was reading in a book I've started, 'Keep a Quiet Heart' by Elisabeth Elliot, she starts talking about the disrespect Thanksgiving gets these days and how we have a weak view of giving 'thanks' in general as a culture.
Here is a little excerpt from the book that really got me:
 'Christians, I hope, focus on something other than a roasted bird. We do have Someone to thank and a long list of things to thank Him for, but sometimes we limit our thanksgiving merely to things that look good to us....I've been thinking of something that stifles thanksgiving. It is the spirit of greed-the greed of doing, being, and having.'
Wow, it gave me a whole new perspective on the holiday. It is not just a time to think about the pilgrims and indians; it is not just the holiday right before 'black friday' where by I get all kinds of great deals on Christmas stuff. It is a holiday where I can thank the Lord for all me and my family have. A day to teach my children the power of being thankful.
Giving praise and thanks is a very powerful weapon against the spirit of greed, which runs rampant in our world today! So I have committed in my heart to try and remember that in the everyday, and pause to thank the Lord even for the small things which aren't particularly impressive, but a blessing non-the-less; like babies taking good naps or being able to find my keys!
So although I plan to still decorate soon for the Christmas season, I had a wonderful reminder from the Lord on what the spirit should be behind the Thanksgiving holiday and how it is equally worthy to be celebrated and celebrated with zest!

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