Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Nine Month Woes

My son is now 9 months old, and I feel like I have never prayed so much in my life. You would think by my third child that I would be more relaxed, but sometimes I am not.

He is my first boy, maybe that is why I am still so uptight. Everything I thought I learned and knew with the my first two girls, I am now second guessing with my first boy.

From the get go, I could tell he was hard wired different than my girls. His crying was less dramatic, more to the point, easier to decipher his needs from. Unlike my girls crying, which sounded almost the same for hungry or in fear for their very lives. Girls = more drama. Figured that one out quick.

Yet he is just different in so many other ways. I can't even put my finger on it, but I find I am more stressed about how to parent him. So I pray.

One of my most common prayers recently has been for him to poop. He seems to have either a very slow digestive system or a very efficient digestive system. He just doesn't seem to have to go that often. Now that I have introduced solids, it seems even more nerve wracking as I wait for his poops.

Yet he has only been constipated once so far, the rest have been mostly normal. So what is my deal?

Still, I find prayer helps, at least where my nerves are concerned. I don't have the answers after all. I can't look inside his belly to see if he really needs to poop. I can't even make him poop. So I pray, and trust the Lord, and He gives me peace.

My next group of prayers for baby boy have been about his crawling. He's almost 10 months and not crawling. My girls were crawling by now, but baby boy, he is more chill than you know!  I joke, however, that he has three mothers, me and my two daughters. Why would he ever need to crawl, they attend to his every need.

Toy too far away.......let me get that for you.

Tired and ready for a nap...........let me go find mom for you.

Want to look out the window and frustrated...............never mind, let me entertain you with my antics.

The flow of love toward him is almost never ending.

Yet I still pray. Just in case. The doctor says he is fine and strong and all that. All the websites I read say he is still within the normal range for crawling. He just isn't like my girls were, so I scrutinize, and wonder and pray.

Thankfully the Lord just reminded me today that the doctor said that his head is in the 95th percentile while his body weight and length is only the 25th percentile. To me that says, big head, little body. Maybe the poor thing has to grow into his head a bit more before he can learn to maneuver his whole body around.

Whatever the reason, the Lord has been giving me peace on that front too.

So there you have it. What a mom with a nine month old prays about. I pray about a lot of other stuff too. Things much bigger than my home life, but there is something nice in praying for the small, everyday kinds of things. The Lord is a lover of the small as much as the big.  I can pray for the one while not neglecting the other, and you know what, He is always faithful to answer even my most silliest questions/petitions.

What kinds of small things are you praying about today? Nothing is too big or too small for the God of all Creation. So make your request known.

PS. Took me three months to post this. Baby boy is 12 months now and crawling great. He is starting to poop more too.  The Lord is merciful and kind to those of us who call on His name.

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