Wednesday, July 24, 2013

25 Facts

Saw another blogger that did this..... so now I am too. Sharing twenty five facts about myself on here, that is. She (at Dreaming of the Country) got the idea from somewhere else.

I think it must be a woman thing, but we long to be known for who we really are.

I'm about to move to Texas, so I feel as though I'm about to be 'unknown' again. To off set that feeling, I am making myself more known - at least on my blog.

Ready. Set. Go.

25 Facts

1. I hate to shave my legs.

2. Walking in the deep woods, off the beaten path is one of my favorite adventures. Staying on the walking trails is more boring. 

3. Yellow is my favorite color, but Green is a close second.

4. My mother is one of my best friends in the whole world.

5. I like being really, really honest. 

6. Once I got a whole group of my friends out of a scrape with the police by telling them we were all out in a field trying to view the Aurora borealis in the night sky. 

7. In grade school I got in trouble for spitting in a boy's face. I had been provoked when he had used the Lord's name in vain. Later that same night my youth pastor gave me a high five.

8. I married my husband because I knew he was stronger than me.

9. My first business ever was raising and butchering rabbits for meat.

10. I have a photographic memory.

11. Making things with my hands is one of my favorite ways to spend my free time.

12. My eyes turn green when I cry.

13. I dream a lot at night, and remember a good portion of them.

14. The dinner hour is the craziest hour of my day.

15. Creating new gardens is one of my greatest passions.

16. Having children is the greatest tool the Lord has ever used to rid me of my selfishness.

17. I have never smoked a cigarette, ever.

18. My sense of smell is very powerful to me.

19. I love mushrooms.

20. I don't wear make up.

21. My childhood dream was to go to a foreign country to start an orphanage. 

22. When I played with my barbies as a child the story always went that the woodland creatures would protect and save barbie from the prince, who only wanted to marry her because she was beautiful, not because he knew her at all.

23. Despite being afraid of spiders, I will never back down from a spider if I see it. Instead I kill it so it can never haunt me again.

24. I have never broken a bone.

25. I love Jesus. (it felt like such a cliche to put this first, so for fun I left it for last)

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