Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Friendships are like Gold

When I moved to South Carolina almost two years ago, one of my biggest prayers was for deep and meaningful friendships with other women. I knew that would happen eventually, but I wanted it quick, because I knew I would need that "iron sharpening iron" thing happening in my life. Mom's are some of the best iron to sharpen other moms.

So I prayed for deep friendships to be made quickly, and I had a hope for a supernatural provision from the Lord concerning the request.

Oh, and did He ever provide!!!

The odds were stacked against me. We attended MorningStar Fellowship Church the last Sunday in June, before they took the whole month of July off for a church wide Sabbath month (by the way, I think that is such a cool thing for a church to do). One Sunday to make a few new friends, before the church shut down for a whole month. Wow. The Lord is awesome.

He did it!

That first Sunday my husband introduced me to two men he had met in his previous visits to MorningStar. They both had wives. That is not where the Lord stopped though. That same Sunday, in the nursery where I dropped my daughter off, I met a third woman. Another mom with a little boy in the nursery and a Tuesday mom's coffee group that met at her house weekly.

It was perfect! That mom, her name is Bree, turned out to be a real 'gatherer'! You know, one of those women who just naturally attracts people to her. She in turn, connects people with other people, while encouraging and literally breathing hospitality to all she meets. She might blush if she read this, but it's true Bree, you are amazing! God used you in a mighty way in my life, to fill a need that I had no idea how to fill.

So, that first Sunday, Bree gave me her cell phone number in the nursery and the rest is history.

However, I did have to do my small part. Miracles happen, but not inside a vacuum. I had prayed for the Lord to help me make friends, but I still had to step out. I went to coffee at a woman's house I barely knew, to meet other moms.

Out of my comfort zone? For sure.

Was it great? Yes.

That next Tuesday I met a small group of moms and to this day, those moms are still some of my dearest friends here. In fact, they are some of the dearest friends that I have ever had in my whole life. That is saying a lot, I'm almost 30 years old.

So it really was a miracle! Especially when I consider the depth of our relationships, which has been accomplished in such a short amount of time (two years).

Yet now we are moving again.

Part of me is crushed. It will be a very big sacrifice to give up living my life with these friends. I am not one of those people who walks into a new season blindly. I am always acutely aware of what I am sacrificing (what it will cost) to move in obedience to the Lord's voice. Sometimes it is a job, sometimes it is friends, sometimes it is a house I really like, sometimes it is a church I really like. I have given up all of those things before, and now I am giving up some of those things again.

Is He worth it?

I already know He is. Yet in the midst of my last big move the Lord taught me something. When you are so connected to someone, it is painful to move away from them. It is okay to be sad, and miss them terribly. There is no sin in loving your friends well, and the truest friends last, no matter how far away you move.

To all my friends, both in Kansas City and Charlotte.......I love you all so dearly.

With all my love. I wanted to honor you all for what you have been to me. Iron. Encouragement. Strength  Wisdom. Entertainment. Laughter. Real Life Love.

Now if you would all pray with me, that the Lord would raise up additional women, who will step in, and meet me where I am, in Texas. Supernatural friendships, relationships, and spiritual mothers, that would be raised up to strengthen me in this new season.

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Jody Aldridge said...

beautiful. u make your momma cry. :-)