Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Swap

Although I could probably fit some uber spiritual theme to that title, for this time, I am actually talking about a physical swap. Just a normal, every 6 months, clothing swap between me and some of my mom friends. But, oh, what a swap it was!

I attended my first swap when I lived in Kansas City. I had hardly anything to bring because I was a missionary, and well, I just didn't have much to swap, but it was still such a blessing. No one in our circle of friends had a lot, so we all came with the little we had. All of us had a blast trying on clothes together though. It was great fun just to be silly girls together for a few hours, without our children or our worries, and then we all went home with at least one new outfit!


So amazing in fact! That friends can get together and swap a commodity (clothing), that is so overly expensive to buy new. Then each of us is able to walk away with at least one new outfit without spending a dime!  It is important to mention, that the clothes we were bringing were not trash, we were just no longer in love with them. So we brought them, and swapped them for something new and exciting.

Sigh. It was so satisfying. Only a woman can understand how much so.

Now, here I am, the morning after my fourth ever swap, looking through all my goodies. Can we say, exciting!

This time I felt I had a lot to bring. People had been giving me clothing on and off for the past 6 months, some of which didn't fit me, or wasn't my style, etc. So when it came time to swap, I brought all of those items with a few of my own things. Then I walked away from that night with a whole clothes basket full, and I wasn't even hoarding. There were at least six trash bags of clothes that were left to be donated to the Salvation Army the next day.

Those of us with an abundance, brought our many gifts. We organized it somewhat, and then we 'shopped'. Some of us tried on clothes, and all of us enjoyed some great fellowship and snacks. And we all went home with at least an armful of new clothes.

This time I got a great pair of shoes, a couple pairs of pants, and some comfy shirts. I also found some earrings and a few necklaces. Oh, and a new summer purse too! It was so much fun!

So now, it will be a long time before I need anything new again. I have new summer clothes and winter clothes, and even a few new maternity clothes (for that next pregnancy which is no where near happening yet).

To all my readers out there, who else likes clothing swaps? If this is a new idea to some of you, though, feel free to ask questions too! I've been through enough of them now, I feel a bit like an expert, of sorts.

Peace to you all!

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