Sunday, March 18, 2012

On the Verge

I've been on the verge of my third trimester these last few weeks, so rather than waste a moment of my energy sitting at the computer trying to speak about the things which inspire me daily, challenge me daily, or have been occupying my time, I've been do, do, doing what I got to get done before my life changes....again.
This is how I feel some days...
Three babies will be different than two I have a feeling (and plenty of other moms have confirmed this by personal testimony), but I am not looking at the change with a sense of hopelessness toward being able to accomplish simple tasks. Oh no, I plan to meet this new challenge, I mean baby, head on with a whole set of tools in my arsenal to help keep sanity and peace in my home as much as possible. Transition is hard, but doing what I can now to help off set the effects I think will be key. I did it with my last one and it was super helpful.
First thing to help that be possible, get all big projects out of the way so that I am not thinking or stressing over them when new baby boy arrives. These are projects apart from nesting, although I suspect I have been doing some nesting as well.
Guess what the first project on the list is though.....if you follow me on facebook you know it involves custom making roman shades for a friend. We bartered months ago, me making roman shades for her oddly sized kitchen windows in exchange for some fabulous silk pillows she was getting rid of but I couldn't afford to buy off of her.
That was about 6 months ago....if you do the math you will realize that the same month I agreed to make her roman shades was the same month I found out I was pregnant. Therefore shortly after making the agreement I started to be very sick, and did not regain my composure to sew/crochet/anything for 4+ months. At that point I still lacked energy...until now.
So I have been sewing roman shades like a mad woman. I am going to get this done before I have this baby, and before my friend decides that she never wants to barter with me again. No tutorial will be offered. Frankly I don't feel like bothering with all the pictures it would take me to explain the process, but if you want to see the tutorial I have been using, you can go here or for another good version, here.
I have also been getting in a new groove called the 'homeschooling' groove. This takes time and planning to some extent, but not as much as I would have first guessed. Teaching a toddler to read is time consuming, but I am using this book here. It has simplified the whole thing and helps me go into this new territory in confidence. The crafts I plan take longer than the actual reading lessons. :-)
Last thing that has been taking up my time has been outings, lots of outings. The weather has been fabulous here on the home front, so going outside is a must most afternoons. Since afternoons is when I usually accomplish other things, it has caused a shift in my whole schedule, and I haven't yet made time for blogging in the midst of this new schedule. Can I also just say.....daylight savings time has not saved me any time. There I said it. Whew.
Even still, had I been blogging these last few weeks, it would probably have been a lot of the same. Ideas and revelation on the importance of having vision, my recent successes in pursing intimacy with Christ, random craft ideas I have picked up from other blogs, and/or books I have recently read or bought that inspire me.
For that last one, I suppose I could give you a brief idea of what I have been reading/buying.
Susanna Wesley- the mother of John and Charles Wesley by Sandy Dengler I finished last week. I have also finished Hinds Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard, and on the way by mail is my copy of Wild Mary - the life of Mary Wesley by Patrick Marnham. Oh, and just purchased today....The Overcoming Life - by Rick Joyner, which included a study guide as a special offer. This one will hopefully be my next bible study that I try to do with some other mom friends....maybe. We'll see how I feel after baby number 3 arrives.
Now I am at the end though, and I don't really know what the point of this blog is except to say that a lot more has been going on than has been apparent on my blog. I do plan to resume blogging as soon as some of these bigger projects/ideas/inspirations reach completion. So I guess you could say I'm on the verge of writing regularly again....I hope.
Pray for me....that my energy will not wane!

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