Saturday, January 12, 2013

Awareness Day

Lot of thoughts float through my head on any given day, but lately there has been a recurring theme. I come upon this theme fairly regularly, because it is one of those things that has always pierced my heart. It is one of my greatest passions for intercession, but I warn you, it is heavy, and sometimes hard to read about. It is....

Human Trafficking - the Sex Slave Industry.

Because that's what it is, you know, an industry that exploits women & children sexually.

It makes me sick to my stomach when I think about it. The injustice, the evil, the victims, and yes, even the perpetrators.

Sexual crimes in general have a huge affect on me, especially since I got married and experienced sexual intimacy for the first time.  I realized then what a beautiful and wonderful, and yet very vulnerable experience it can be and should be. After than, even when I would read about a rape in the newspaper I would be reduced to tears and feel a heavy knot in my stomach. The wrongness of this sin stirs me inside like few others do.

Sometimes I still cry about it, when the reality of it grips me afresh. Mostly though, I take that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach now, and turn it into intercession. Lately I have had a wave of thoughts concerning this very topic again. The Lord just keeps highlighting the industry to me, and my heart is gripped with the desire to speak out about it. Then I realize it is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Go figure.

My excuse is no longer "how can I share about this", but when and to who.  So here is one of the places I have chosen (my blog).

It was National Human Trafficking Awareness Day yesterday, January 11th! Yet this whole month has been declared by President Obama to be National Slavery and Human Trafficking Awareness Month (January).  Even Obama can get some things right, and I bless him for that, but I hope it leads to him pushing also for the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) to be renewed through Congress. Click the link above to read more about it.

So now I just want to highlight a ministry that deals with this very issue. Not some foreign mission, far across the ocean, although there are plenty of those. Great and powerful ones that work to rescue and then support women and children being brought out of the sex industry.

Still, I am choosing to highlight a ministry that is much closer to home and one that I think plenty of us have a skewed view of. I know I use to misunderstand these women.

Prostitution, right here in the United States of America.

We sometimes write these women off as "they should have known better" or "they chose that lifestyle for themselves", but they are as much victims as any, and their Father in Heaven is broken hearted over them as much as anyone else.

So here is the ministry - Hookers for Jesus! 

I first heard about this ministry watching the movie Nefarious.

Never heard of that movie? It is a movie that exposes the extent of human trafficking that is happening around the world. It brings awareness to the plight of women and children all across the globe.

"Why would anyone want to watch a movie about that?" you ask.

I would, and thousands of others too, because we desire to be gripped and ruined with the issues that grip and pain the father heart of God. Sure it is painful to see and watch. I was crying uncontrollably during several parts, especially where children were involved, but it is pain with a purpose!

It moves me to do all I can (in my small world of influence) to pray about it, talk about it, learn about, and walk with a heart of compassion.

So there you go. Please try to read about Annie's story on the Hookers for Jesus site if you can. It will not be easy. Her story paints a very painful picture of brokenness, but it has a good ending. One that leads to a powerful outworking of the redemptive work the Lord has done in her life.

If you are also interested in learning more about the Nefarious video, and other Human Trafficking awareness materials, then please visit Exodus Cry!

Have a blessed day.

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