Sunday, May 6, 2012

Nursing Chair Inovation

Okay, so I have been getting all ready these last few days for baby boy to arrive. I have all his clothes washed and folded and bedding ready to put in the crib (which is not yet assembled, but hopefully soon.)
Today however I came to the conclusion that I would need a place to nurse that was both comfy and small. Our bedroom is not that big since we will have our king bed, dresser and a crib. Even a master bedroom has its limitations.
So I got to searching online to see what kind of small floor-type chairs I could find.....turns out what I was looking for was called a foam chair bed. Something like this one here.

The examples I found though either had horrible reviews for comfort/durability, or they were so outrageously expensive that I couldn't even consider them. So I moved on to high end bean bag chairs. I bought my girls a bean bag chair a couple of years back from Target for about $20 on sale, so I figured I could get a nice one for about $50-80. Ha, yeah right.
I was looking for something like this.

What I found was anything like this that is nice and had decent reviews is about $100 at the start. Whoa, way more than I want to spend on something that I will only need for a few months.  Once baby boy is big enough to figure out nursing in a lying down position, we won't necessarily need the chair....
So I got to thinking.
My daughter's bean bag is pink, which is a bad clash for the bedroom, but I would be willing to get over that if I hadn't sucked out a large portion of the beans to make it easier for her to sit in. Now it doesn't have enough 'guts' to hold someone like me and it doesn't keep a comfy shape by itself. I would have to keep it shoved up against the wall to have any back support.
So I got to thinking some more.
What did I use with my second child.....trying to remember. Sometimes my pregnancy brain is so hard to make cooperate, but finally it did. I remembered that I had used a solid bedrest pillow with arms. It had worked perfectly on the floor except that my tail bone would hurt after a while of sitting on the not so soft carpet.
Our carpet here is no softer, and so I got creative. I call it my nursing chair inovation. Here is what I came up with.
Hope you're not all disappointed, it isn't luxurious,
just functional and free.

Neutral colors, moveable pieces, recycled from items already in my home, and accommodates me in the exact position I like to be in when nursing. Happiness sigh.
I am probably overly proud of this creation, but only because it fits my exact needs. After searching online and seeing what I thought I wanted selling for no less than $100, I do feel pretty smug when I can come up with a solution for free.
Speaking of more cheap ways to prepare for a baby, I use pre-fold cloth diapers for burp clothes, and I buy fleece by the yard for swaddling blankets. This time however, with my first summer baby, I have switched to lighter weight flannel for the blankets. Seriously, have you ever priced swaddling blankets, and I tend to hate all the baby prints they come in anyways. So buying bulk fleece/flannel and cutting my own size blankets is so much more economical.
The only thing I couldn't come up with this time that was more economical to make myself was a nursing cover. I can buy a decent size one at Target for only about $10. Not only would the fabric itself cost me about the same to make my own.....I save all the time in having to make it. Time is money, and sewing is work when you are in your third trimester.
This week was a full moon. I tell you what, my braxton hicks contractions have been off the charts because of it. If baby boy was lower at this point I might actually be concerned that these suckers were producing some progress, but alas, he is not dropped, and so therefore no worries.
All that to say though....sewing is not on the agenda for this week.....maybe next week as the moon waxes/wanes.

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abbie said...

I love those opportunities to save money1 Awesome idea :)