Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This Life is for the Birds!

Ok, so that is probably the cheeziest title I could have come up with for the topic I have chosen to write about today. It has very little to do with my life and a whole lot to do with birds.
So, back up a few weeks ago, and I began to write a book. One, which sadly, few if any of you will ever get to read when I am finished. It is more of a journey for my heart to write the book, and not something that would make a whole lot of sense to anyone who doesn't know me on a more personal level.
Still, so with that as the background to what has been occupying much of my time, I sit for at least a few hours every day at our little laptop. It is located on our desk that faces the window out the back of our little apartment at the Harrigan Ranch, and so when I am taking a break I look out and watch things.
It is fall, as everyone obviously knows, but never have I had such a beautiful view of all the birds and animals hard at work to prepare for winter. The birds are mostly just passing through, and so I see an array of different kinds everyday, and I must say, they are just gorgeous! I've seen Slate-colored Juncos, Cardinals, Carolina Wrens, Blue Jays, Downy Woodpeckers, Flickers, Vireos, and a few Bluebirds. I also watch the squirrels, who's population does very well in our wooded lot, and so they scratch around and on cold mornings, they chase each other around. I can almost give them personalities. Then, yesterday morning I saw a young button buck run past my window, and then later in the day a large doe, just moseying through at a leisurely pace.
A little two leisurely, considering how Lydia and I feel about what those creatures have done to our garden efforts this year, so I ran outside and let the dog chase it off. It was quite funny, and if you want the picture for your mind, here it is, a little black and white dog the size of a cat, running as fast as she can after a dear that is the size of a small pony. It was a no-contest who would win if they were to actually confront one another, yet it was so funny to see Lucy (the dog) get all territorial.
So that is what my days have been like. It has been just a beautiful experience and I wanted to share it with all my friends. Sorry that I don't have any pictures to show you.

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